Elena Letuchaya conquers the Chukchi expanses

A TV presenter takes part in the filming of the VK project “Places”.

Elena Letuchaya conquers the Chukchi expanses

Elena Letuchaya conquers the Chukchi expanses

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TV presenter Elena Letuchaya and blogger Artem Waterfork will take part in the VK project “Places”, where they will talk about the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in videos .

VK “Places” plans to release 70 videos about different regions of Russia until 2024. The film crew will shoot in Chukotka from August 23 to 29, showing unique places and talking about the inhabitants.

The main task of the expedition is to get acquainted with the ethnographic features of Chukotka. The project manager, Irina Sayutina, noted that the most interesting things for them are traditions, folklore, life, crafts and the attitude of local residents to their nature and home.

The participants have already tried the local cuisine, got acquainted with the Chukchi dwelling yaranga» and passed the rite of feeding the spirits. Then they will have a trip to the Arctic Circle, acquaintance with fisheries and marine life.

Elena Letuchaya noted that, despite the fact that she has already visited many unique places around the world, Chukotka will take a special place in her heart.

The VK project “Places” has already created videos about 23 regions of Russia. These videos help to create a favorable image of the regions, which contributes to the growth of their popularity among Russians.

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