Earthquake of magnitude 5 hit Turkmenistan

Experts say that a new earthquake that will affect Turkey should be expected in the near future.

An earthquake of magnitude 5 occurred in Turkmenistan

An earthquake of magnitude 5 occurred in Turkmenistan 5

According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), a magnitude 5 earthquake hit Turkmenistan ,0. The event was registered at 5:37 local time. The epicenter is located about 52 km north of the city of Turkmenbashi, which has a population of about 68 thousand people, and 272 km northeast of Baku at a depth of about 10 km.

There is currently no information about victims and destruction.

Seismologist Celal Shenger warned of potentially catastrophic consequences for Istanbul in the event of a new earthquake. He assessed the likelihood of such an event in Turkey as high and decided to leave the city because of the threat.

According to his forecasts, the next disaster in the city could destroy 60-70 thousand buildings. It is also noted that Istanbul will face difficulties in carrying out emergency rescue operations and part of the roads will be destroyed, while the rest will be closed for a while. In his opinion, Istanbul Airport will temporarily suspend its work.

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