'Doomsday fish' found off the coast of Taiwan

Giant 'Doomsday fish' caught on video by divers.

Doomsday fish found off the coast of Taiwan

“Doomsday fish” found off the coast of Taiwan

According to Japanese mythology, there is a fish called the Doomsday Fish. or paddlefish. It lives at a depth of 200 to 1000 meters, but when it rises to the surface, it is considered an omen of an earthquake.

Recently, a video went viral on social media showing a group of divers discovering a huge deep-sea fish off the coast of Taiwan. This fish, known as the “doomsday harbinger”, is perceived with particular fear and anxiety by the locals due to its unusual shape and size, reminiscent of a sea serpent.

The video shows that this fish has several round bite marks, presumably from a Brazilian glowing shark. However, some locals are sure that the appearance of this fish on the surface is an omen of earthquakes or other catastrophic natural phenomena. In Japanese mythology, it is said that this fish is the main harbinger of earthquakes and disasters.

Diving instructor Wan Chen Ryu, who published the video, believes that the paddle fish is probably in a dying state and decided to swim in shallow water for a peaceful death. However, the true reason for the appearance of this fish is still a mystery to those who are interested in nature.

Divers continue to study the behavior and habits of the giant fish. The public hopes that soon scientists will be able to figure out what causes paddle fish to appear off the coast of Taiwan and what consequences this may have for the environment.

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