Dmitry Shepelev left the children and went camping

The TV presenter went to the Far East.

Dmitry Shepelev left his children and went camping

Dmitry Shepelev left his children and went camping

40-year-old Dmitry Shepelev became a father of many children more than three years ago. After the TV presenter began a relationship with designer Ekaterina Tulupova, he began to take care not only of his son Plato, born of Zhanna Friske, but also of his beloved daughter from his first marriage named Lada. And in 2021, Tulupova gave birth to Shepelev's second son, whom they named Tikhon.

Around the same time, Shepelev and Tulupova moved into a new apartment, where there is enough space for everyone. The TV presenter began to devote more time to his family and home, preferring family matters over work. However, this does not mean that the showman has completely abandoned his own interests. Earlier, Dmitry said that he had packed huge suitcases and left Moscow with his lover. Their three children did not go with them. Apparently, they were left under the supervision of grandmothers and nannies.

The famous couple went on a long and rather extreme journey to the Far East. Shepelev boasted that he had bought a large trunk especially for this trip, which replaced an ordinary suitcase for him.

“We are waiting for a grandiose journey to the Far East. I will talk about everything in detail. At this time, I collect my first bag in my life (yes, without wheels). So, we’re leaving soon,” Dmitry explained.

Shepelev and Tulupova have already reached Khabarovsk. Where they will go next remains a mystery, but subscribers are following their journey with interest.

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