Disadvantages and advantages of rest in Phuket

Russians are increasingly heading to Thailand in an attempt to catch up on two years of the COVID-19 pandemic

Disadvantages and advantages of rest in Phuket

Disadvantages and advantages of rest in Phuket

As one of the main advantages of Thailand  can be called a warm climate and picturesque natural landscapes. In autumn and winter, the hot tropical sun shines in Phuket, which is so lacking in Russia. In January, the air temperature on the island reaches 35 degrees, and the sea warms up to almost 30 ° C.

Also, one cannot fail to note the magnificent sandy beaches of Thailand, developed infrastructure and various excursion programs. 

According to Russian tourists, holidays in Thailand are fraught with a number of disadvantages. Firstly, the geographical location greatly complicates the trip, since a direct flight from Moscow will take at least 10 hours. Secondly, the scorching tropical sun, for which some tourists are not physically ready. And thirdly, the unsanitary conditions prevailing in local markets and in some cafes.

However, all these disadvantages are largely offset by the advantages of holidays in Thailand, which is why this wonderful destination has always remained a favorite among Russian tourists.< /p>

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