“Daddy should have a rest”: rapper T-Killah showed the face of the firstborn

The artist spoke about choosing the name of the heir and made a video with his wife and son.

“Daddy should have a rest”: rapper T-Killah showed the face of the firstborn

Reper T-Killah (real name Alexander Tarasov) showed his son's face for the first time. It is known that his wife Maria Belova gave birth to a boy in Argentina this spring. When Internet users learned about the details of the baby's birth, many criticized the rapper for “leaving his wife in another country.” However, Tarasov clearly expressed his position on this issue, and the debate in the comments stopped.

The couple hid the name and face of their first child for a long time, but now, after almost six months, they have decided not to hide it from the public anymore. The couple said that they named the heir Ivan-Lionel.

The reason for this was a funny video of the Tarasov family, in which they starred all together. Now the couple is vacationing in the Maldives and decided to film the content to share it with the public. In the video, Maria poses in a white dress that highlights her slender figure. Alexander, according to the script, carries the child in his arms and passes it to his wife, after which he gently kisses her and runs away. The couple captioned the video with the words: “Daddy should have a rest too.”

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