“Cunning air bridge” made it easier for Russians to get to one nearby country

Experts presented a cunning “air bridge” that connected Georgia and Russia by opening flights through a neighboring country

“Tricky Air Bridge” made it easier for Russians to get to one nearby country

The whole trick is that the passenger, staying in his seat on the liner, not only changes the destination and country, but also the air carrier itself. Such metamorphoses occur on the flight Yerevan – Moscow, departing from Vnukovo. 

Tickets for this flight are sold by the Armenian airline Air Diligans, but in fact it is a direct flight from Russia to Georgia with an intermediate stop in Yerevan. This became known due to a “technical error”; at Vnukovo airport, where a direct flight to Tbilisi recently appeared on the scoreboard.

 "In fact, this is a Georgian Airways flight from Tbilisi to Moscow. He flies from the “technical” landing for “refueling” in Yerevan, which is officially reported to passengers on board. True, there is a nuance — in Yerevan, tourists do not leave the plane, but new ones can come on board. As some passengers assure, planes have been flying according to this scheme for some time, although this is not advertised in any way. At the same time, the flight time between Tbilisi and Yerevan is about 30 minutes, — experts commented on the scheme. 

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