Croatia introduces a fine for luggage on wheels

In Dubrovnik, Croatia, tourists will be fined for the noise from the suitcase on the street.

Croatia introduced a fine for suitcases on wheels

In Croatia, a fine was introduced for suitcases on wheels

The government of the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia officially banned movement c suitcases on wheels through the streets of the Old Town.

Locals have repeatedly complained about the noise created by the suitcases of tourists who roll them along the cobbled streets. They noted that these noises prevent them from sleeping properly at night.

In this regard, the mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovich, introduced new rules that prohibit the use of suitcases on wheels on the roads of the Old City. Violation of this ban will result in a fine of $288 (about 25,000 rubles).

From the beginning of November, local authorities plan to launch a system that will allow travelers to leave suitcases outside the city, and then couriers will deliver them directly to the specified addresses.

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