Country fence? No, Finnish-Russian border

A “reliable” fence was installed on the border between Finland and Russia.

Country fence? No, border between Finland and Russia

Country fence ? No, the border between Finland and Russia

A few days ago, Finnish border guards posted a photo of a test section of the border fence . Finnish citizens derisively compared the installation to a “kindergarten fence”; or “garden fence”.

However, Professor Jussi Laine noted that the photo of the image “does not match the images and drawings of the original project.” He called the project a waste of taxpayers' money.

Finnish authorities are planning to install a 200 km fence at a cost of 380 million euros. Residents of Finland hurried to remind the border service about the original design of the fence. In previously published pictures, the fence looked much more impressive. However, to all claims of citizens, the authorities respond that the barrier “is not in itself a solution to any threat, but is part of the border control as a whole.”

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