Costa Brava in September: a velvet season with special features

The Costa Brava's wild coastline has an amazing shape, going from jagged cliffs to gentle curves of white beaches. There are a lot of them here: wide family ones and narrow ones, lost in beautiful bays.

However, the beaches are inferior in beauty to medieval cities and fishing villages. When the sun illuminates the walls of buildings with bright rays, the urban landscape is stunning and falls in love forever. At sunset, the clouds look simply bewitching.

Autumn brings its advantages and disadvantages to the resort, which Kidpassage will tell about in this article. Will the Costa Brava be the perfect place for a beach holiday in September? Will it be boring? Let's find out!

Costa Brava in September: a velvet season with specialties

Costa Brava holidays in September: a time of calm

The Costa Brava in September is very active at the beginning of the month, but by its end the rhythm of tourist life gradually subsides. Crowds of tourists are thinning in the cities and especially on the beaches. There are no more crowds in parks and shopping and entertainment centers. With the onset of coolness, some regions reduce the cost of accommodation, meals and excursions. The low season begins for sports recreation centers.

However, the inner life of Spain itself is seething with holidays. Changes are taking place in the business sector: many workers are being released from the tourism sector.

The advantages of rest describe the advantages of the velvet season:

  • towards the middle and especially towards the end of the month, prices for holidays are reduced;
  • low cost of air travel;
  • summer still lasts in this region;
  • beach season is open;< /li>
  • many parking spaces are already free;
  • predominantly good weather conditions for sports and excursions;
  • plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Cons highlight individual points that may not be noticed:

  • rainy, cloudy and cool days are likely;
  • prices for holidays at the beginning of the month remain at the summer level;
  • the sea often storms.

Not relying solely on a beach holiday, a tourist will definitely leave positive feedback about holidays on the Costa Brava in September. A large number of attractions, a convenient geographical location and ample opportunities for outdoor activities are the advantages of this region of Spain.

Weather on the Costa Brava in September

The weather in September continues to delight with summer days and comfortable temperatures. Quite even and predictable this month, in October it brings unexpected surprises in the form of rains, thunderstorms, cold winds.

The weather at the beginning of September is fine in summer, with little clouds. A weak south wind brings with it the warmth and smell of the sea. The temperature on the Costa Brava in mid-September during a rainy day or night drops by five to ten degrees Celsius, but soon returns to high summer rates. On days when clouds completely cover the sky, the gentle southern sun continues to warm the atmosphere. At the end of September, the weather on the Costa Brava is already colder than the beginning of the month, but not enough to forget about a beach holiday. A rare night thunderstorm will refresh the beautiful southern plants. Clouds are walking across the sky.

Air and water temperature

The daily temperature on the Costa Brava in September exceeds +18 °C. Global warming, like everywhere else in the world, has an impact on the local climate: days and nights are getting warmer every year. The mountains and the sea preserve the coast in mild climatic conditions.

Air temperature on the Costa Brava in September

During the day, you should count on an average air temperature of about +25.2 °C, cool at night weak warm wind refreshes and invigorates well. The average night temperature in September is +19.2 °C. On the coldest nights, the air temperature is rarely below +11 °C. Hot days are more frequent: the sun warms the air up to +32 °C.  

Sea water temperature on the Costa Brava in September

The Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Costa Brava gradually cools: the water temperature drops from +23.4 °C to +20.9 °C, giving an average value of +21 .8 °C. Swimming in cool waters is a real joy on a hot day.


The amount of precipitation since September is on the rise, foreshadowing the autumn lingering rains. But so far, the monthly average of 37.7 mm is inferior to October and November. There are 2 to 8 rainy days per month.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

80% of the time, or 10.3 hours a day, with daylight hours 11.8 & ndash; 13.1 hours the sun shines brightly, practically not hiding behind the clouds. Overcast for about 5 days. A week a month is absolutely clear.

Active holidays

The Costa Brava not only offers a standard holiday, but also invites you to a sports holiday.

Tennis courts invite enthusiasts to week-long practice games and competitions. Tennis lessons from famous masters are included in the program.

Individually or in a team, you can go mountain and road biking, hiking, running and triathlon. Special children's weeks are held in the format of an active holiday.

Parents participate in organized bike tours with a separate seat for a child up to 6 years old. Children aged 8–12 years old master in adult groups trips on children's mountain bikes.

Hiking in early September takes place in a hotter atmosphere, but this does not prevent groups of tourists from exploring the wild paths of Catalonia for days. The objects of study are centuries-old culture, rural lifestyle and seductive culinary delights.

Saturdays since 2009, stages of an open beach volleyball tournament have been held on the best beaches of the coast.

< p>Participants are both amateurs and advanced athletes. Gifts, prizes, music, trophies are included.

Adventure parks are a versatile way to have a great time on the move. Trails of suspended steps and bridges, tunnels, slopes are equipped in forests and parks. In mid-September, the low season begins and prices are reduced by 10 percent or more.

The territory of water tourism on the Costa Brava covers all 200 km of the coast, 17 sports ports, more than 30 diving centers, sailing and windsurfing centers, as well as 3 natural parks. Surfing for children from 6 to 11 years old and from 12 to 16 years old is taught at the Roses Surf Center. Private lessons and courses are cheaper at the end of September.

Sightseeing holidays

Costa Brava in September: a velvet season with specialties

If you choose a start for a trip to Catalonia, then the starting point should be in Palamos. One of the easternmost cities in Spain, near the border with France, arose more than 4 thousand years ago. The ancient Iberian settlement and the medieval Castle of Sant Estive are interesting ruins.

  • Things to do with kids in the Costa Brava
  • < /ul>

    The Fishing Museum is where the fish hang from the ceiling. Everything related to fishing is here as exhibits. Children under 10 are admitted free.

    65 km from the French border is a charming museum city and the capital of the province of Girona. It is easy to see the Roman fortress, Jewish quarter, Arab baths, Cathedral and St. Felix. The last place holds outstanding works of art. The local interactive Film Museum introduces visitors to the basics of cinematography.

    The villages of the Empordà have well preserved their medieval appearance. Buildings made of cobblestones and modern occupations of residents immerse in the atmosphere of deep antiquity. The entrances to the houses are decorated with unusual forged hammers.

    The Toy Museum and the Dalí Museum in Figueres have memorable exhibits that children love. The theater-museum of a brilliant artist is something that cannot be expressed in words. Illusions and paintings, ingenious installations, artsy collection of gold jewelry and the building itself are unsurpassed.

    Five mansions in Barcelona house more than 3,500 works by yet another genius, Pablo Picasso. Barcelona is the final destination of an exciting itinerary.

    Beach break

    Costa Brava in September: a velvet season with specialties

    The five beaches of Lloret de Mar are ideal for families. They are in excellent condition and are cleaned daily. Points of water entertainment offer many options for outdoor activities. Restaurants and bars are nearby.

    Just a short walk from the main beach of Lloret de Mar, at the foot of the medieval castle, lies the magical beach of Sa Caleta. The length of this tiny bay – 15 m, and the width – 5 m, so it is important to get a seat in the morning before the crowds of people appear here. The soft golden sands are perfect for sunbathing, while the warm and clear waters provide magical conditions for swimming. Due to the small size of the beach, there are no additional services or amenities, so food, drinks and sun umbrellas need to be taken care of in advance.

    For those whose soul requires scope, it is recommended not to miss the large and uncrowded El Canadel beach in Palafrugell. The sea in September is almost always warm and quiet here, so children's and adults' unhurried bathing will take place in complete tranquility. The usual amenities and even a beach bar are always at hand.

    San Francesc Beach in Blanes is so quiet you can hear the wind blowing through the pine branches. Entry into the sea for small children and those who cannot swim is excellent: gently sloping and fairly shallow. Transparent water does not hide the life of the inhabitants of the sea from view.

    In L’Estartit, on the beach of the same name, a rich atmosphere reigns: many people, music and pleasure boats create constant movement.

    The coastline leading from here to the Sa Riera beach is recognized as the most impressive on the Costa Brava.

    One picturesque fishing village after another is discovered along the way from the mountains around Begur. 

    < p>Not far from Girona airport there is an idyllic place called Platja d'Aro, and an hour's drive is the almost virgin beach of Tamariu. The colors of the sand and the sea look just like the picture.

    Family resorts Roses, Sant Antonio de Calonge, Sant Feliu de Guixols,  Sant Pere Pescador, La Val d’en Bas, Torroella de Montgri, Castell d’Aro, Tossa de Mar diligently takes care of the environmental friendliness of vacation spots by the sea.

    Holidays, events and festivals

    The holidays on the Costa Brava in September perfectly reflect different periods in the life of the Spaniards, dedicated to collecting harvest, catches and culinary victories.

    In early September, in Medina del Campo, bulls are driven around the city. Participants have the opportunity to tickle their nerves by running ahead of these powerful animals.

    Besalu continues the theme of chivalry. At the beginning of the month, the city lives exactly as it did in the Middle Ages. Costumes, shop decor, jousting, colorful processions of lords and soldiers, catapult shooting competitions and much more take you back to the past. A medieval fair unfolds in the streets.

    Indianos fair in Begur revives the historical period when many residents left the city, emigrating to Cuba. When they returned, they received the nickname “Indianos”. In the markets, merchants lay out overseas products. There are concerts and craft demonstrations, Caribbean rhythms performed by Cuban bands. In Cadaqués, the same theme continues.

    On the second Saturday and Sunday of September, Castello d'Empurhas hosts the Land of the Troubadours. It is the most important cultural and festive event of the year. This is a multi-genre cultural and entertainment event, during which residents and visitors enthusiastically recall the past and the city's heyday in the Middle Ages.

    At the same time < strong>Monasterio Jamon Fair brings together local producers of Iberico cured pork. During tastings, about 10 tons of products are spent. The culmination of the holiday is a competition of jamon cutters. For many years in a row, a local resident has won the Golden Knife award. as the best professional in his field.

    On September 11, the towns of the Costa Brava are painted red and yellow in honor of Catalonia Day. All municipal and government offices are open to the public. One of the most interesting sights is the pyramids of people “castelles”. Catalan songs and dances, culinary fights, wine tastings are the pleasant components of the holiday. 

    At the end of the month, the holiday begins again in Besalú. During the Fiesta Majorchildren and adults compete in fishing, and then residents go down the river on their own constructed swimming facilities. A kind of regatta is accompanied by laughter and music.

    The traditional herb fair begins in Peratallada. It is educational in nature.  Visitors can find specialized stalls that sell fresh and dried food and medicinal plants, as well as sauces, liqueurs and other products based on them.

    Holiday prices

    Costa Brava in September: a velvet season with a twist

    The prices on the Costa Brava in September tempt tourists to relax. Hotels make discounts in order to have time to earn capital during the high season. The rest of the tourist service maintains a downward trend in prices. 


    The cost of tours to Catalonia in September is quite low. Compared to July, the price may fall by half, but still exceed the level of October prices by up to 20%.  


    In early September, the cost of living in the resorts of the Costa Brava remains the same as in August. In the middle and end of the month, a decline begins, housing becomes cheaper by 10–15%.


    Air flights in early autumn are very profitable. The average cost of air tickets in September is 15% lower than the average annual level and up to 25% – the level of August. In October the trend continues.

    • Collection of family hotels in Costa Brava


    In September, the standard price for 1 kg of fruit or vegetables is 2-3 euros. In supermarkets, prices for basic foodstuffs do not experience seasonal fluctuations. Fast food restaurants will serve inexpensive paella for 7.5-15 euros, pasta — for 10 & ndash; 12 euros, breakfast with a drink — for 5–7 euros. A good restaurant for tourists will offer the same paella for 18-23 euros, a steak with a side dish – for 10-14 euros.

    One trip by public transport in small resort towns costs 1.2-2 euros, in Barcelona – 2.15 & ndash; 4.5 euros. Taxi service pricing starts from a €3–4€ landing, with each additional kilometer up to €2.5.

    A two-hour tour by train for €9 is the cheapest option for organized leisure. 

    Guided sightseeing – from 35 euros per person, boat trip – from 15 euros.

    Recommendations for holidays with children

    September does not provide parents with the opportunity to relax with school-age children on any world resorts, but it is for them that the Costa Brava is most suitable. Active holidays are designed for tourists aged 6 and over.

    • Vacation with children in the Costa Brava: Kid Passage guide

    Until the middle of the month, water parks and many amusement parks are open. Due to the fact that the Mediterranean September feels like a summer month, you can also relax with kids during this period. Clean, well-maintained beaches and shallow waters – warm enough for a long stay. The active sun is still dangerous. When heading to the coast, it is worth taking umbrellas and warm clothes for the night.

    Visit the Costa Brava in September and discover how beautiful and rich Spain is. Bad weather for a few hours or a day or two will not interfere with exploring the cultural heritage of the region and admiring the wonderful nature.

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