Corn and salt harvested at Rosa Khutor to feed wild animals this winter

At the Rosa Khutor resort, active preparations for the new winter season continue. Moreover, they care here not only about the perfection of ski slopes, but also about the well-being of wild animals living in these places.

Corn and salt were harvested at Rosa Khutor to feed wild animals this winter

< p>Corn and salt were harvested at Rosa Khutor to feed wild animals this winter

The inhabitants of the mountains and forests will be helped to survive the winter by special feeders with healthy food, which are placed by the resort ecologists at different heights.

“Feeding animals in the autumn-winter period is carried out as part of the conservation of the biodiversity of the Sochi National Park and is a good tradition for us. We carefully monitor the population of ungulates and predators in the territory of the resort and in its immediate vicinity, we know the migration routes, the number composition and species diversity based on the time frame of monitoring and feeding. Together with specialists from the Sochi National Park, places were determined for the installation of feeding stations. Today, there are six of them at the resort,” said the head of the Rosa Khutor environmental service. Denis Ryltsev.

Rosa Khutor harvested corn and salt to feed wild animals this winter

The camera traps located at the feeding stations showed that the most frequent guests here are deer, wild boars and roe deer, and even rare chamois come to the one in the highlands. Bears, jackals, foxes, raccoons, badgers also drop in at the feeders. Over the years of observation, environmentalists have become convinced – animals prefer corn in winter, 250 kilograms of this delicacy have already been purchased to feed the animals.

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“In addition to corn, we fill feeders salt. It contains certain minerals and nutrients that help improve the metabolism of animals, act as a natural antiseptic and are very useful for expectant mothers. If a person receives the required amount of salt with food, then deer and roe deer lick it off the stones. In winter, when everything in the mountains is covered with snow, this is not easy to do, the animals do not have enough salt,” said Denis Ryltsev.

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