Controversial tourism. In Germany, they are debating whether to invite guests to the “Nazi village”

Many people find this unacceptable

Disputed tourism. whether to invite guests to the

Controversial tourism. Debating in Germany whether to invite guests to the “Nazi village”

German magazine " Spiegel" writes about the public discussion flaring up in the north of Germany around the village of Tutov, where about 1 thousand people live.

The village arose in the 1930s as a settlement near the Luftwaffe airfield. The authorities of the Third Reich decided to create a “model Nazi village” there; (Nazi-Musterdorf) for pilots.

All the streets were precisely divided and built up with standard German-style houses. A school was created for children, where the “racial theory” was transmitted.

Today, tourists from all over Germany come here to see an unusual monument of urban planning. Not everyone considers such tourism ethical.

On the one hand, there are many memorable places in Germany associated with the Third Reich. For example, museums in the former Buchenwald or Dachau concentration camps. But it tells about the nightmarish pages of history. In Tutov, they represent a “model village” built by the Nazis for the benefit of their citizens. Many consider this unacceptable.

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