Compiled TOP-3 craft workshops for tourists near Moscow

This year, Russians began to actively explore their native sights

Compiled TOP 3 craft workshops for tourists near Moscow

Top 3 handicraft workshops for tourists near Moscow compiled

Due to the conflict in Ukraine and the confrontation between the Russian authorities and the West, this year many Russians cannot go on vacation abroad. Therefore, more and more people began to actively explore the sights of their native country.

For Muscovites, a great idea for a weekend getaway is visiting ancient Russian cities near the capital, where handicraft traditions of the past have been preserved. Especially for them, the RUSSPASS portal has compiled a guide of the three most popular places for such a holiday.

1. Filimonovo toy (Tula region). Lovely clay figurines have been made here for more than 1000 years. The tradition originated in the village of Filimonovo, but now you can learn about it in the museum-workshop in the village of Odoev (Karl Marx Street, 52). This toy is characterized by simple images, an elongated shape and bright colors.

2. Gusevsky crystal. Vladimir region. Its history began in 1756, when the Oryol merchant Akim Maltsov founded a glass factory on the banks of the Gus River. Today, in the factory museum in the city of Gus-Khrustalny, everyone can blow out and take away a glass ball as a keepsake. Museum address – st. Kalinina 2A.

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