Cleaning up the Seine: Turning poisonous waters into a safe place to swim

Euro 1.4 billion comprehensive Seine river cleanup project

Cleaning the Seine: turning poisonous waters into a safe place to swim

Cleaning the Seine: turning poisonous waters into a safe place to swim

 At the moment, a comprehensive project is being implemented to cleanse the Seine River of toxic substances and turn it into a place for recreation and swimming. The total budget of the project is 1.4 billion euros.

Next year will be special for Paris, as it will host a swimming competition dedicated to this cultural event during the Summer Olympics. One of the interesting and lively locations for the competition will be the River Seine.

However, the city has an ambitious plan to not only host swimming competitions in the river, but to make it a safe swimming spot by 2025. It has been forbidden to swim in the Seine since 1923 due to dangerous boating situations and water pollution.

Now Paris City Hall wants to return the Seine to its residents and visitors by creating a safe and clean swimming environment. This project not only promotes sports and outdoor activities, but is also an important part of the eco-tourism development strategy.

The company has already begun to introduce innovative technologies and special filtration systems to purify the water of the Seine. This is an important step towards making the river safe and swimmable.

First and foremost, restoring the Seine as a swimming destination will be important for the Olympics, but the long-term goal is to attract the public and create a new tourist destination in the heart of Paris.

The refurbished Seine Bank will be designed to meet the needs and interests of locals and tourists alike. Special beaches with comfortable swimming conditions will be created, as well as various recreational and sports activities on the water.

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The project to clean up the Seine River and create a safe swimming environment will be an important milestone in the ecological restoration of the city. This is one of the steps towards sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources, as well as the creation of comfortable conditions for residents and guests of Paris. We believe that the cleansing of the Seine and its revival as a bathing place will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions to everyone who visits this unique city.

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