City festival “BelMelFest” will be held in Gubkin

July 9 in Gubkin, on the eve of Metallurgist Day and the anniversary of the Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant, which is the largest enterprise in Russia and the CIS for the extraction and enrichment of iron ore, the city festival “BelMelFest” will be held.

The city festival

The city festival “BelMelFest” will be held in Gubkin

The creative project became the winner of the “ART-WINDOW” grant competition Alisher Usmanov Charitable Foundation “Art, Science and Sports” and will be implemented in the city for the first time.

Festival “BelMelFest” designed to demonstrate the development and talents of the inhabitants of the territory, the desire for the future, openness to new ideas and research. Its inspiration is the white color — the color of chalk, which is associated with the Belgorod region. At the same time, “BelMelFest” in Gubkin will acquire an additional – ore theme. The festival is designed for an audience of different ages, the organizers have prepared a varied program for the citizens. Children will be able to take part in an asphalt drawing competition, workshops and street games, while adults will be able to look at the art of creating drawings on coffee and try the “white” ones. desserts.

 An unusual event of the festival will be a program for newlyweds: throwing bouquets, a competition of brides and grooms. At the end of “BelMelFest” a “White Dinner” will be organized, the guests of which must observe the “white” dress code.
Note that “BelMelFest” has been held in the Belgorod region since 2015 and is the winner of the Russian Event Awards in the field of event tourism. The traditional part of the festival program is the creation of 3D drawings on the pavement, the creation of which can be observed by everyone.

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Contact person: Gubina Svetlana Anatolyevna Tel. +7 915 567 50 00

Charitable Foundation “Art, Science and Sports” founded in 2006 by Russian businessman and philanthropist Alisher Usmanov to support socially significant initiatives in the field of culture, science and sports, as well as the implementation of scientific, educational and social projects, including events for the exchange of experience between specialists in various fields of science. The Foundation supports leading cultural and educational institutions, implements projects in the field of sustainable development of small towns in Russia and the professionalization of the regional non-profit sector, and develops an inclusive environment in the country, including by implementing unique projects to support blind people.
Art, Science and Sports Foundation within the framework of the grant competition, ART-OKNO creates and promotes unique cultural content: conducts educational programs on socio-cultural design and development of the urban environment, provides grant support to organizations and activists, supports local talented youth and improves the professionalism of teachers in the field of art

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