Chinese zoo at the center of scandal: disguised people pass off as bears

A zoo in China has been accused of replacing bears with people in costumes.

Chinese zoo in the center of scandal: disguised people pass off as bears< /p>

Chinese zoo in the middle of a scandal: disguised people pass off as bears

Hangzhou Zoo has denied that some of its bears are people dressed up in costumes. This version appeared after the publication of a video in which a black Malay bear stands on its hind legs.

A representative of the zoo said that such a deception in a public institution is impossible and noted that a person in a bear costume could not even stand on his feet several minutes at a temperature of 40 °C without losing consciousness.

In addition, zoo staff report that the growth of a bear on its hind legs does not exceed 1.3 meters, while the average human height is about 1 .7 meters.

The zoo invited journalists to visit them and make sure that the animals are real.

Other Chinese zoos have also been seen trying to pass off painted dogs as wolves or African cats, and also represent donkeys as zebras.

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