Chinese tourists are returning

The whole world froze in anticipation of the end of pandemic restrictions in China

Chinese tourists return

Chinese tourists return

The whole world froze in anticipation of the end of pandemic restrictions in China. The tourism industry is not lagging behind in its hopes for millions of Chinese travel enthusiasts who have sat in long-term imprisonment.

In Russia, the authorities announced their readiness to restore the tourist flow from China. Moscow and St. Petersburg, their traditional centers of attraction, hope to meet the first groups in February. Just in case, even Lenin's mausoleum was closed for maintenance in order to prepare it for the expected influx of fans of our revolution.

At the same time, domestic tourists have been discussing the increase in prices for trips to Thailand all week. Opinions were divided, some spoke of an increase of 15-25% due to the Chinese who broke free and rushed to make up for the lost Thai pleasures. Others reassured them that the Eastern New Year holidays were already ending, and the surge in the cost of tours to Phuket and Pattaya was temporary. Russian tour operators working with the countries of Southeast Asia assure that from mid-February the cost of travel will return to normal, and the lack of places in popular hotels due to the influx of Chinese will end.

Airlines now have the most optimistic expectations . Not only ours, for example, Aeroflot, announce the opening of old routes or an increase in the number of flights to many Chinese cities. But Emirates also recently announced the resumption of flights from the UAE to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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