China unveils a giant marine science park to the world

Zhuhai Chimelong Park is built in the shape of a UFO.

China showed the world a giant marine science park

China showed the world a giant marine science park

The Zhuhai Chimelong Marine Science Park has opened in China, which is the largest in world. This museum is shaped like a giant UFO. According to information on the Weixin website, the park's aquarium is home to more than 100 thousand marine animals. 

«Zhuhai Chimelong» has a total length of about 650 meters, and its area is approximately 400 thousand square meters. The planning of the park took ten years, and the actual construction took more than five years.

The park is capable of receiving more than 50 thousand visitors per day. It features the largest aquarium window in the world, as well as the largest living coral reef. At night, the park building is illuminated, giving it the appearance of a large spaceship.

Previously, American businesswoman Kim Kardashian also planned to build a house in the shape of a spaceship. However, her plan could not be implemented due to non-compliance with the deadline for the construction permit.

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