Cat cruises to launch in Singapore

Singapore will organize a special sea cruise program for cats.

Cruises for cats will be launched in Singapore

Cruises for cats will be launched in Singapore

Pets and their owners can go on a cruise around Sentosa Island on board the Royal Albatross, which is 47 meters. The cost for the 2.5-hour tour is $225. There will be up to 130 people and up to 15 cats on the cruise at a time.

Organizers warn that kittens, unvaccinated animals and unsterilized cats will not be allowed on board the ship. You should also avoid the cruise if your pet is not used to leaving the house.

During the cruise, pets will be able to eat, walk and play with each other, and for people there will be dinner, a concert and fireworks.

Recall that two years ago, cruises for dogs were launched in Singapore, which gained great popularity. Now the organizers have decided to offer a similar program for cats.

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