Brukhunova does not protect the health of Petrosyan

The artist risked his health for the sake of his heir.

Brukhunova does not protect Petrosyan's health

Brukhunova does not protect Petrosyan's health

77-year-old Yevgeny Petrosyan has been married to Tatyana Brukhunova for four years, with whom they have a son, Vagan. Despite rumors of problems in their marriage, they still seem like a happy couple. For example, at present, the artist and his family are vacationing in Sochi, where he has a luxurious villa on the Black Sea coast.

At the resort, Evgeny Vaganovich looks even younger and healthier, so he even decided to engage in dangerous entertainment with his son. Tatyana shared a video in her personal profile, where she showed how her husband rides on a cheesecake with a child. Probably, it was Vagan who insisted on this lesson, and Evgeny could not refuse him. Tatyana did not interfere, but calmly watched from the yacht.

However, Tatyana's subscribers began to worry about the health of the artist. Many believe that she does not care about her aging spouse and puts him in danger, which can cause heart problems or high blood pressure. In early May, Petrosyan was already hospitalized in a serious condition due to complications that arose after the installation of a dental implant. Doctors quickly restored his health, and he was able to return home, but for some time after the illness, Eugene looked emaciated and visibly aged.

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