Bogomolov replaced his son Sobchak father?

For the first time, the TV presenter spoke in detail about her vacation.

Bogomolov replaced Sobchak's father for his son?

Bogomolov replaced his son Sobchak's father?

< p>Ksenia Sobchak spent the summer in Europe with her husband Konstantin Bogomolov, her son Platon from a previous marriage, and Bogomolov's daughter from Daria Moroz.

Usually, Ksenia refrains from divulging the dates and places of her vacation, but this time she shared a video from a trip a week after returning and described her itinerary for the first time. The family visited Monaco, France, Spain and Italy, spent time at sea, rested on a yacht and saw various sights.

However, the subscribers were most interested in rare footage in which Ksenia showed Bogomolov with children. Previously, she rarely published joint photos and videos of Bogomolov with Plato, so it was difficult to judge their relationship. But on this journey, it seems that the TV presenter's husband became closer to the boy and practically replaced his own father, since Plato rarely sees his biological dad. Ksenia captured how they play together on the beach, in the house and ride cars, and both look happy.

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