Best 5 star hotels in Kemer

Best 5 star hotels in Kemer

Tourists who want to relax on the Turkish coast often choose the resort of Kemer. This is a cozy and beautiful place where you can have a wonderful time. Moreover, travelers are waiting for the best 5-star hotels in Kemer, which guarantee high quality service, comfort and a lot of interesting entertainment. You will find the names and descriptions of the most comfortable of them in our article.

The best hotels in Kemer 5 stars all inclusive

In order to provide themselves with good nutrition for the entire vacation period, many tourists choose the best hotels in Kemer 5 stars ultra all inclusive. By choosing one of these options, you can be sure that you are managing your money wisely. The rating of five-star hotels of the all-inclusive category includes:

Hotel “Meder Resort Hotel 5*”

This is a spacious and beautiful hotel complex, where guests are provided not only comfortable rooms, but also fitness, indoor pool, shuttle service, playground. The hotel is perfect for lovers, families and disabled travelers.

Official website: http://www.mederresort.

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Hotel “Robinson Club Camyuva 5*”

In the immediate vicinity of the Taurus Mountains, surrounded by olive trees, this resort complex is spread. Tourists leave the most pleasant reviews about it. Robinson Club Camyuva is located 8 minutes from the beach, has a spa, fitness center. From here it is easy to get to the city, as well as the village of Cirali, which is advised to visit by professional guides in Kemer. If you want to not only relax on the seashore, but also enjoy interesting sights, come here.

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Fantasia Hotel Deluxe Kemer 5*

Listing the best hotels in Kemer 5 stars all inclusive, it is necessary to mention this resort complex. It is located in the small town of Camyuva, has a SPA center, a swimming pool, a beautiful and spacious area. An important advantage of the Fantasia Hotel Deluxe Kemer is the fact that it is located in an ecologically clean place – the beach where the hotel stands is marked with the Blue Flag sign, which indicates its cleanliness.

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Official website: http://www.fantasiadeluxe.

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Queen's Park Le Jardin 5* Hotel

This hotel is located near the coastline. In addition to delicious food and cozy rooms, it is also able to offer guests a fitness and spa, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc. Having settled here, you can relax on the beach, play sports, go on excursions in Kemer. This is one of the most comfortable hotels on the Mediterranean coast.

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“Akka Alinda Hotel 5*”

Continuing the review of Kemer hotels operating under the program “ all inclusive”, mention must be made of Akka Alinda Hotel. It is located in Kiris Bay, has a wellness center, private beach, swimming pool. Concerts are often held on the territory of the complex. It is also famous for its beautiful green spaces and clean air.

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The best hotels in Kemer 5 stars

View of the city of Kemer

The best hotels in Kemer 5 stars on the first line

Often, tourists going on vacation to Turkey are interested in the best 5-star hotels in Kemer on the 1st line with a large territory. They are ideal for a beach holiday, surprise guests with stunning natural beauty and delight in comfort. Of particular note are:

Crystal Aura Beach Resort &amp; Spa 5*”

The hotel is located near the center of Kemer, but it has its own beach and a large beautiful area. Here you will find a well-equipped SPA center, swimming pools, a bar, a gym. The hotel operates on an all-inclusive program and provides food delivery to the rooms.

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Hotel “Armas Labada 5*”

Tourists who ask for advice on the best 5-star hotel in Kemer should appreciate Armas Labada. It is located on the first line, has a private beach, swimming pools with water slides, a fitness room. Here guests are offered cozy and spacious family rooms, they have a minibar and a children's entertainment club. From Armas Labada, you can get to Antalya Airport in just an hour.

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< h3> Hotel “Lucida Beach 5*”

It is located on the beach line, has a large area with a picturesque garden, a swimming pool, billiard rooms. The hotel is comfortable, cozy, while relaxing here, you can regularly enjoy spa treatments, play sports, spend time in restaurants. Lucida Beach is also ideal for tourists who are interested in the sights of Turkey. From here you can get to the ancient city of Phaselis, to the marina where yacht trips are organized, etc.

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Hotel “Pgs Kiris Resort 5*”

If you are a connoisseur of a beach holiday, appreciate this option. The hotel owns its own beach, the length of which reaches 2 km, and three picturesque bays. Guests are waiting for a SPA center and a gym, non-smoking rooms, a well-equipped bar. According to expert recommendations, the hotel is ideal for couples in love, families with children and travelers with disabilities.

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“Grand Haber Hotel 5*”

This resort complex located in close proximity to the city of Antalya, has its own water park and beach. On its territory there are several bars and restaurants, there are play areas for children. From here you can go on an excursion to the Duden waterfalls. And also its guests have the opportunity to do fitness and aqua aerobics.

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The best 5-star hotels in Kemer for families with children

The most stringent requirements for hotel complexes are made by parents traveling with children. If you are looking for a 5-star family hotel in Kemer, choose one of the following options:

Marti Myra Hotel 5*

The hotel is chic, and therefore very popular with adults and children of all ages. There is a playground, mini and junior clubs, a water park, a small zoo, and a buffer with a children's menu. The Marti Myra Hotel staff consists of experienced educators who sincerely care about their wards.

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Tui Fun & Sun Miarosa Ghazal Resort 5*”

Listing the best 5-star hotels in Kemer for children, one should remember this hotel complex, which is located in Goynuk, on the southern slope of the Taurus Mountains. In addition to the beautiful beach, it also offers guests a lot of opportunities for entertainment. Here you can walk with your children, ride bicycles, play on the playgrounds and in the pool. And professional animators organize interesting entertainment for little guests.

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< h3> Hotel “Rixos Beldibi 5*”

The hotel is ideal for families with children. There is a cozy beach with free sun loungers and umbrellas, two swimming pools, elegantly decorated rooms with comfortable furniture, playgrounds. The hotel has a large beautiful area, is located in an ecologically clean place. And most importantly, it has a fair pricing policy.

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Hotel “Amara Dolce Vita 5*”

The hotel is located in an ecologically clean place, surrounded by pine forests, right next to the beach. For its guests there are several swimming pools, a water park, a wellness center. There are children's play areas and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Amara Dolce Vita is often included in the list of the best 5 star hotels in Kemer for families with children, thanks to its chic grounds and luxurious rooms.

Official website: http://www.amaraworldhotels

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Hotel “Club Boran Mare Beach 5*”

This resort hotel is located in Goynuk, has a picturesque green area, a private beach, SPA. For kids and adults, there are pools with water slides, and professional animators are responsible for organizing leisure activities. For children there is a game club and a playground, experienced nannies work. From Club Boran Mare Beach you can get to Yoruk Park, which is one of the attractions of Kemer.

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Choose the hotel where you spend your holidays thoughtfully and responsibly. After all, your comfort and impressions of the rest depend on it. And our rating will help you easily cope with this task.

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