Belek in November: closing the beach season

As soon as the calendar turns to November 1, the period of pastirma yazı begins in Turkey, which means “Indian summer”. Such an interesting name appeared due to the fact that this month has long been considered by the Turks as the best time for preparing a fragrant and tender beef delicacy.

However, November — a wonderful period not only for smoking meat, but also for relaxing in Turkey. The low season has many advantages. In addition, autumn — one of the most beautiful times of the year. So why not see with your own eyes how beautiful Turkey transforms in the off-season?

If you are planning to come to Turkey in November, pay attention to Belek when choosing a resort. This prestigious town on the Antalya coast, part of the Turkish Riviera, is crowded with vacationers in the summer. But in the fall, it will happily show you all its beauties and envelop you in an indescribable feeling of comfort and peace. Kidpassage tells you more about what awaits you in Belek in November in this article.

Belek in November: we are closing the beach season


Holidays in Belek in November: pros and cons

November is the official end of the season in Belek, however the resort welcomes holidaymakers all year round. People come here at the end of autumn not for a beach holiday, but because of other advantages of this place, which, as confirmed by reviews of holidays in Belek in November, are many. Here are just a few of the main advantagesof a November holiday here:

  • Weather. The sweltering heat leaves Belek until next year, passing the baton to pleasant freshness and coolness. This is an ideal time for those who cannot tolerate high temperatures.
  • Cost of the holiday. Low season — low prices. This simple formula is known to all tourists who want to save money on vacation.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Oranges and tangerines, bananas and pomegranates, juicy peaches and grapes — what is not available in local markets in November. It's time to pamper yourself with natural vitamins!
  • Number of tourists. In the last month of autumn there are very few holidaymakers in Belek. There are no queues at the resort, and there are always free tables in the cafe.
  • Sporting events. Belek, also known as Turkey's golf capital, sees the start of its sporting season in the fall. Vacationers can watch competitions in various sports (golf, tennis, football, basketball and others).
  • Excursions. End of autumn — ideal time for excursions. You can visit outdoor attractions without fear of heatstroke or sunburn. And if it suddenly rains, which also often happens in November, then there is always the opportunity to hide in a museum, theater or one of the many local cafes.

The main minus, with which Belek most upsets its guests in November, — This is the impossibility of a beach holiday. If at the beginning of the month some daredevils still decide to plunge into the Mediterranean Sea, then in the last days of November you will rarely see swimmers on local beaches.

In addition, in November the tourist and entertainment infrastructure closes. Many owners of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues are putting their activities on pause until spring. Belek seems to freeze in November. However, it is worth noting that for some tourists this is a plus, because the fewer hotels are open, the fewer people there are at the resort.

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Weather in Belek in November

Weather in Belek in November — December clearly signals the approach of a mild Mediterranean winter. It rains periodically at the resort, there are more and more cloudy days, and evening walks without a windbreaker can result in a cold.

The weather in early November is quite capricious. At the end of autumn, the transition period between the warm and cold seasons begins in Belek; the weather can be changeable. At this time, the temperature is noticeably lower compared to the summer months and the beginning of autumn. But during the day it is still warm and sunny enough for walking. Moreover, in the first days of the month, tourists can still safely wear shorts and T-shirts.

However, it is always worth considering that the weather can be unpredictable, temperature changes and prolonged rains are possible. Therefore, we recommend that you monitor the forecasts before your trip.

The temperature in Belek in mid-November drops to about +21 °C during the day. Winds from the sea are getting stronger, so when going for a walk, be sure to take a jacket with you.

The weather in Belek at the end of November is not conducive to long walks, as sea breezes and periodic rains spoil the impressions of this type of vacation . Tourists, as a rule, while away their time in cafes, museums, theaters or hotels.

Air and water temperature

The climate in Belek is Mediterranean, which generally means warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. In summer the temperature reaches +30°C, and in winter the mercury drops to +10°C. In the off-season, the temperature becomes as pleasant as possible for relaxation, average values ​​are about +20…25 °C.

Air temperature in Belek in November

Average day and night temperatures in Belek in November is +20.9 °C and +15.1 °C, respectively. This is ideal weather for people who do not tolerate heat well — pensioners, infants, tourists suffering from heart or respiratory diseases.

Sea water temperature

In November, the Mediterranean Sea cools down to +22.6 °C, but the closer to the end of the month, the lower this figure becomes. The last month of autumn is not a suitable time for a beach holiday. The maximum that tourists can afford is — these are walks along the coast, contemplation of seascapes and exposure to healing sea air.

Amount of precipitation

In November there are about four rainy days, which bring with them 75.7 mm of precipitation. It can’t be said that it rains here very often, but an umbrella or raincoat in your suitcase still wouldn’t hurt.

Sunny, cloudy, cloudy days

Amount of sunny days days is 22, or 71% of the time of the entire month. The length of daylight hours is reduced to 9.8–10.7 hours. Cloudy weather takes up 16%, and cloudy — 13% of the time of the month.

Excursion holidays in Belek

Belek in November: we are closing the beach season


Belek attracts tourists not only with beautiful beaches and luxury hotels with golf courses, but also with a rich cultural and natural heritage. Lovers of ancient history will especially like this here.

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In early November, subject to good weather, it is recommended to take a walk to the Old Town. The ancient city, on the territory of which the modern resort was built, was founded about 4 thousand years ago and consisted of several centers of Lycia. Ruined temples, ancient theaters, ancient city walls and buildings of past eras are still preserved here. One of the most famous and well-preserved ancient theaters in the world is Aspendos, where concerts and performances are still held today.

30 km from the resort are the ruins of the ancient city of Perge, which are also of great historical and archaeological value. Here you can see a Roman amphitheater for 15 thousand spectators, ruins of city walls from different eras and a Byzantine basilica of the 4th century AD. e., Roman baths and even an ancient cemetery.

  • The best entertainment in Belek for children and adults

At the end of November, when the weather shows its vagaries, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, located in neighboring Antalya. This museum houses an extensive collection of archaeological artifacts reflecting the history of the region. Here you can learn about the ancient civilizations that once flourished in this territory.

Belek is also known as the golf capital of Turkey. The resort has many first-class golf courses where fans of the sport can enjoy play throughout the year. This city is rightfully considered a center of sports and elite entertainment, which is typical for wealthy vacationers. In addition to golf courses, there are a huge number of horse riding areas and advanced diving sites. Yachting is also developed in Belek — anyone can rent a yacht and go for a walk on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

As for family time in Belek, vacationers with children are recommended to visit The Land of Legends Theme Park. The water park is already closed, but the attractions are open all year round.

Belek doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment for younger guests at the end of the season, but Antalya is nearby and there's always plenty to do for both kids and parents.

Holidays, events, festivals

The Turkish calendar cannot boast of “red dates” at the end of autumn. The fun, noisy festivals that so often take place in the summer are also ending. The chances that vacationers will find any holidays in Belek in November are quite low.

Prices for holidays in November

Belek in November: we are closing the beach season


Belek is considered respectable, and therefore far from the cheapest resort in Turkey. However, prices in Belek in November are quite reasonable. During the low season, the entire tourist and entertainment infrastructure becomes cheaper, and this is a huge plus for the budget of vacationers.

Price of tours

Already at the end of October, travel agencies begin to reduce the cost of their services, and this trend is relevant until December. Hunters for the cheapest tours should look for the best deals in the last month of autumn.

Flight costs

November — one of the most profitable months to fly to Turkey. A significant decrease in passenger traffic leads to a decline in air ticket prices. The savings are about 20% compared to the high season.

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The cost of living in November is practically the lowest of the year. At the end of autumn, accommodation costs 15–20% cheaper than in summer. However, already in December, on New Year's Eve, prices for hotel rooms will increase again, since quite a lot of people come to Turkey for the New Year holidays.

  • Best hotels in Belek for family holidays< /strong>

Meals and transfer

Belek in November: we are closing the beach season


There are many catering establishments in Belek that cater to every taste and budget of visitors. Here you can appreciate both authentic Turkish cuisine and familiar European dishes. The cost depends on the class of the establishment. Many cafes and restaurants, as well as hotels, have a special children's menu.

For a Turkish breakfast in a cafe you will have to pay 180–200 liras. A set lunch or dinner in an inexpensive cafe will cost 150–250 liras. A cappuccino or latte costs 50 liras.

Public transport in Belek is represented by dolmus (local minibuses). For 7 liras, dolmus will take you to any point on the city map. But only during the daytime — For night trips you will have to order a taxi. A taxi ride will cost about 300 liras (at night the rate doubles).

The resort also offers car rentals. There are also bicycle rentals in Belek. Cycling will be an excellent option for family pastime, and renting a car will allow you to see the sights at nearby resorts — Antalya, Side, Kemer.

How to dress in Belek

For your November holiday you will need both light and warm clothes. If you are traveling to Belek in the first half of November, then take several options for hot days and a couple of windbreakers and jeans. But if your tour is booked for the end of the month, then one or two T-shirts will be enough, while warm sweaters need to be put in a suitcase with extra.

Don't forget warm pajamas, because it gets cold here at night. For small children, be sure to take warm socks and light hats.

A swimsuit may seem like an extra thing on vacation at the end of autumn, but just in case, put it in your luggage too. You might want to visit the Turkish baths or swim in the hotel pool.

Recommendations for families with children

Belek in November: closing the beach season


November — a good period for a holiday in Belek with children, but it is better to choose the beginning or middle of the month, since rain, storms and strong winds are possible in the last days. It is also worth coming to the resort for those who are not interested in a beach holiday. Choose a hotel with a heated pool and a mini club — and the children will be happy!

  • Holidays with children in Belek: Kidpassage tips

There are few fun things for children in the city, but in The Belek area offers entertainment for children of all ages. In addition, fresh sea air and an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables create excellent conditions for recovery.

To learn even more about this five-star resort, it is recommended to read the Kidpassage article “Belek: a family guide.” But Belek will make the best impression on you only when you meet it in person.

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