Bear disrupts plans for Iraqi Airways in Dubai

An unexpected incident occurred with an Iraqi airlines plane that was delayed in Dubai because of a bear running on the plane

Bear thwarted Iraqi Airways plans in Dubai

< i>Bear disrupts Iraqi Airways plans in Dubai

An unexpected incident occurred with an Iraqi Airways plane, who was delayed in Dubai because of the bear running on the plane. Social network videos show how the cute bear cub was successfully calmed down and handed over to specialists.

The company apologized to the passengers and explained that the animal escaped from the cargo hold. Transportation of bears is carried out in accordance with international rules, but in this case one of the bears destroyed the cage. The Iraqi Prime Minister has already demanded a thorough investigation into the incident.

After removing the bear from the plane, the flight finally departed for Baghdad. It is not yet known the purpose of the transportation of animals to the UAE. In any case, this event will certainly be the reason for a serious analysis and review of the security measures carried out by airlines.

Why the bear was transported on this particular flight and how he was able to get out of the box are still unanswered questions. Perhaps in the future, airlines will revise their rules for transporting animals and take additional measures to prevent such situations from recurring. After all, the safety of passengers is the most important concern for all airlines.

Iraqi Airways is now facing negative consequences from the incident, which could affect their reputation and the trust of passengers. It is important that the company takes all necessary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future and ensure safety on board.

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Meanwhile, the global community has taken notice of what has happened and expressed their concern for the condition of the animals. It is necessary to pay attention to the issues of transporting animals and ensure their safety at all stages of the journey. Let's hope that this incident will be a starting point for improving the animal transportation system and protecting their rights.


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