Beach littered with human remains discovered in Tatarstan

One ​​of the well-known bloggers in Tatarstan went on vacation and saw a terrifying sight.

Beach strewn with human remains discovered in Tatarstan

Beach strewn with human remains discovered in Tatarstan

The community blog “Other Places” notes that a blogger named Bulat Zakirov, known in Tatarstan as Bolt, noticed human remains on the beach near the Kamsky Trofey hotel complex, where he came to rest.

The problem was first discussed in 2021, when photos of a beach strewn with human bones and skulls began to appear on social networks. Tourists assumed that there used to be a cemetery on this place, but nothing has been preserved from there – no tombstones, no crosses.

Now the residents of Tatarstan have noticed that the hotel complex-resort has again become the center of necropolis tourism. Bolt arrived there with a child and noticed that the beach was gradually washed away into the water. Closer to night, skulls could already be seen in the same place.

Zakirov said that human remains were found in the immediate vicinity of the house where he stayed with his family.

The authors of the blog «Other Places» emphasize that in history there are examples of the development of tourist clusters at burial sites, but this requires a respectful and careful attitude towards the remains. They cite “City of the Dead” as an example. in North Ossetia.

In this regard, activists demand that the authorities of Tatarstan pay attention to this problem. They believe that a public discussion should be initiated with the participation of local residents, historians and local historians in order to find an opportunity to rebury the remains with care for the burial site.

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