Beach holidays in Portugal: loud music is prohibited

Do you want to enjoy peace and quiet while sunbathing?

Portugal beach holiday: no loud music

Beach holiday in Portugal: No Loud Music

Do you want to enjoy peace and quiet while sunbathing? Portugal is the ideal European country to enjoy sun, sea and no noise.

A warning has been issued to all beach lovers in Portugal about possible fines of up to 36,000 euros for playing music too loudly. Portable speakers that play music at high volume and disturb locals and tourists are banned by the country's National Maritime Authority (AMN). These new restrictions came into effect just at the beginning of the most popular beach season in Portugal.

To enjoy the beach and the sea in Portugal, tourists will now have to do without loud tunes. This decision was made in order to maintain a calm atmosphere on the beaches for all visitors. 

In case of violation of this rule, tourists risk receiving a serious fine. Therefore, before traveling to Portugal, all guests are advised to familiarize themselves with all the rules and restrictions in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Thus, Portugal offers tourists not only beautiful beaches and the sea, but also made sure that peace and tranquility reigned there. Each visitor must respect the rules and wishes of the locals in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

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