Barbie's world will become real

Real “Barbie World” will open at a theme park in Arizona next year.

Barbie's world will become real

Barbie's world will become real

Mattel Adventure Park will open in Arizona in 2024, dedicated to toy brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and more.

Mattel's first ever theme park will be dedicated to iconic American toy brands and, above all, it will feature a Barbie-themed area, redefining the concept of Barbicor. Park visitors will be able to enjoy the spirit of the legendary doll while sipping a signature pink drink on the rooftop of the third floor of the Barbie Beach House, which will offer scenic views of the park. where Barbie, with the help of modern hologram technology, will come to life and help you choose the perfect wardrobe,” the press release says.

In addition, Barbie's flying theater will take guests to many of the places she has been to, from outer space to the depths of the sea.

In addition to the world of Barbie, Mattel Adventure Park will be a place where you can relive your favorite children's fun through rides and interactive entertainment.

As the company's website says, in an “action-packed world” guests can experience the thrill of a Hot Wheels-themed double-circuit roller coaster, as well as “go on a treasure hunt with Thomas and friends.” Family favorites such as UNO and Pictionary will be reimagined with exciting nine-hole mini golf and life-size play structures.

The amusement park is a collaboration between Mattel and EPIC Resort Destinations. An opening date has yet to be announced, but fans can look forward to watching the park's construction progress via webcam on the Mattel Adventure Park website.

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