Banking crisis in the US, is it time to worry Russian tourists

At the end of last week, the media around the world again started talking about the imminent US banking crisis threatening in the near future

Banking crisis in the US, is it time for Russian tourists to worry

Banking crisis in the US, is it time for Russian tourists to worry?

The rescue of depositors of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), 16th in the list of the largest and one of the main investment banks for Silicon Valley, closed a few days ago, was taken up by the US Department of the Treasury. Janet Yellen met with regulators on March 10 and hoped they could resolve the SVB situation. This — the biggest failed bank since the 2008 crisis. Last year it was valued at $40 billion, and its capitalization grew rapidly. The US Treasury assured that the country's financial system is stable, and Elon Musk showed interest in buying the bank.
   Should Russian tourists start worrying? Has the collapse of the dollar begun, about which experts of all stripes have been predicting for decades? Most likely, the US authorities will have enough forces and means to quickly stop the current situation. But an unpleasant bell rang, apparently, Americans are watching how the rest of the world reacts to such bankruptcies, whether it is possible to continue to blow off their gigantic debt in this way.

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