Bali will fight unscrupulous tourists

The Bali authorities have created a special group that will fight offenders among tourists.

Bali will fight against unscrupulous tourists

Bali will fight against unscrupulous tourists

Bali Becik (« Better Bali), set up by the Immigration General Directorate of the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, will crack down on violations of local rules and laws by foreign tourists.

The commission will be active until the end of this year, and will include members from all the immigration services of the island.

The group will conduct approximately 100 immigration control operations monthly. Also, residents of Bali will be able to report the behavior of foreign citizens who disrespect local laws or violate them.

According to the head of the immigration service of Bali, Silmi Karim, the main problem remains a large number of budget tourists who have almost no funds. This group of vacationers, according to the authorities of the island, is prone to creating problems.

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