Ayia Napa in November: autumn with a taste of tangerines

In the eastern part of Cyprus, not far from Cape Greco, is the popular resort town of Ayia Napa. It took the Cypriots just a few decades to turn a village with a population of about 3,000 people into a second Ibiza.

Despite its modest size and small number of inhabitants, Ayia Napa has long won the status of a popular Cypriot resort. It has all the components of an ideal vacation: clear warm sea, equipped beaches marked with the Blue Flag, cultural and historical attractions, entertainment for every taste, as well as establishments and hotels for every budget.

Relax in Cyprus You can do it all year round, although officially the season ends in November. In this article, Kidpassage has collected useful tips and recommendations for those who have planned a trip to Ayia Napa for the last month of autumn.

Ayia Napa in November: autumn with the taste of tangerines

Vacation in Ayia Napa in November: pros and cons

Reviews about holidays in Ayia – Napa in November is more like a laudatory ode to the Cypriot climate. Many tourists prefer to come here during the off-season for the following reasons:

  • Small number of tourists. November is considered the last month of the tourist season. In addition, students and schoolchildren returned to their desks, so there are a little less vacationers during this period than in summer or in September.
  • Sunny weather. In Ayia Napa, more than 320 days a year are sunny, so even in November, tourists get a beautiful bronze tan and a shock dose of vitamin D.
  • The warm sea. The Mediterranean Sea has not cooled down and is perfect for swimming, and the water temperature is optimal even for small children.
  • An abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In November, Cypriots harvest tangerines, oranges, guava, figs and pomegranates.
  • Cost of living. In November, hotel owners reduce the price tag on rooms due to reduced demand.

As for the cons November rest, then there are very few of them. Ayia Napa in November partially collapses the tourist infrastructure, not all entertainment is available to vacationers. Some hotels also either stop working completely or cancel all inclusive programs and reduce the number of available rooms.

Weather in Ayia Napa in November

Weather in Ayia Napa in November – December is practically unchanged, since the seasons change so smoothly that it is almost impossible to distinguish winter from late autumn.

The weather in early November is warm and sunny, the first week of the month – best time for family vacation. During this period, vacationers can still do without windbreakers.

The temperature in Ayia Napa in mid-November remains warm and comfortable for walking during the day, but at night it drops by a couple of degrees. Parents of toddlers should take demi-season children's pajamas and a few long-sleeved sweaters.

Sunny weather in Ayia Napa at the end of November still prevails, but at this time the likelihood of showers and thunderstorms increases. However, the November rains in Cyprus are usually short-lived and do not bring much precipitation.

Air and water temperatures

Thanks to the classic Mediterranean climate, you can relax in Ayia Napa at any time of the year. The holiday season starts in April and lasts until November. For recreational purposes, tourists come here all year round: breathe in the Mediterranean air, walk barefoot on warm sand, calm the nervous system with calming landscapes.

Air temperature in Ayia Napa in November

November weather in Cyprus contrasts strongly with the weather in late autumn in our latitudes. The average daily temperature in Ayia Napa in November is +22.1 °C. At night, the thermometer drops to +19.7 °C. Immediately upon arrival, tourists take off their jackets, hats and pullovers and do not remember them until the very end of their vacation.

Water temperature in the sea

Ayia Napa in November – This is a great option for beach lovers. The water in the sea is ideal for swimming – it no longer resembles fresh milk, but on the contrary, it refreshes and gives a pleasant coolness. The average water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea in the last month of autumn is +22.9 °C.


Autumn is considered the rainy season in many regions, but Cyprus is not one of them. In November, an umbrella is not required for tourists and locals. However, this is a useless accessory at any other time of the year, since Ayia Napa does not have a pronounced rainy season. During the last autumn month, there are only two rainy days in total, which bring with them 30.3 mm of precipitation.

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Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

If you can leave the raincoat at home, then sunglasses should definitely be taken on vacation. Sunny days occupy 72% of the time of the month, which is equivalent to 21 days. Cloudy weather accounts for 21%, and only 7% remains cloudy days.

By the way, the length of daylight hours in November is 10.0-10.8 hours, which means that tourists have a lot of time to explore local attractions, leisurely walks around the city and relaxing on the Mediterranean coast.

Beach holidays in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa in November: autumn with a taste of tangerines

Most tourists go to Ayia Napa just for a beach holiday on the Mediterranean coast. Many local beaches are marked with the “Blue Flag” – prestigious EU award for high water quality.

All the beaches of the resort are municipal, the entrance to them is free. You only need to pay for the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. All municipal beaches have a well-developed infrastructure for recreation: there are showers and toilets, changing cabins, lifeguard stations, food and entertainment points.

Nissi Beach

One of the best beaches in the resort is Nissi Beach, which is perfect for tourists with children. Sandy coast and gentle descent into the water – what little tourists need. But the creation of sand fortresses – is by no means the only type of entertainment that Nissi Beach offers. Vacationers will find a whole range of fun: from extreme sports to foam parties until dawn.

Those who prefer a quiet, relaxing holiday are advised to choose the eastern part of the beach, which is slightly away from the main tourist activity zone.

Makronissos Beach

Another Cypriot beach recommended for families, – Makronissos Beach – is located in a calm bay. There are no noisy parties with DJs and incendiary dances, so Makronissos Beach is ideal for parents with children. But on the beach there are entertainment of a different kind: beach volleyball, banana rides and other water attractions. Moreover, here you can just lie lazily in a sun lounger and scroll through the – Free Wi-Fi is available on the beach.

The disadvantage of this place is a small parking lot. If you are traveling by your own or a rented car, it is better to come here early in the morning, as there may not be free parking spaces on Makronissos Beach by lunchtime.

Ayia Thekla Beach

Here tourists can swim and sunbathe in relative seclusion. If in summer there are quite a lot of tourists on this coastal area (as, indeed, on all other beaches of Ayia Napa), then in November the number of tourists on Ayia Thekla Beach is minimal – the tourist flow has become much less, and most of the resort guests prefer to spend their leisure time on the noisy and mega-popular Nissi Beach.

The coast is covered with fine sand, but the bottom – rocky. It is better to take aqua shoes with you so as not to injure your feet and avoid discomfort when entering the water. Ayia Thekla Beach has a diverse underwater world, so snorkeling is considered one of the popular local activities. In addition, there are other activities here, including kayaking, catamaran riding, beach sports.

Feature of Ayia Thekla Beach – a small island literally 50 m from the coast. You can wade to the island, between it and the shore there is a natural “paddling pool”, where kids splash with joy.

Sightseeing tour in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa in November: autumn with a taste of tangerines

Beach relaxation is a priority type of holiday in Ayia Napa, but for lovers of excursions and entertainment, there are also several suitable locations here .

Ayia Napa – a small resort, all its sights can be seen in a couple of days. However, the surroundings of the city also offer a wide excursion program. For new experiences, you can go to Larnaca or Protaras.

The main attraction of the resort – Ayias Napas Monastery. According to legend, there used to be impenetrable forests on the site of today's Ayia Napa (the name of the resort is translated as “sacred forests”). One day, hunters wandering through the thicket in search of prey stumbled upon a cave in which they found an icon of the Virgin Mary. Later, a church was built on the site of this cave, then a monastery was erected nearby.

  • Catalogue of entertainment in Ayia Napa for children and adults
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< p>In its architecture, it does not look like a religious building, but like a medieval castle. The monastery is open to the public, tourists can admire the marble “fountain house” – the tomb of the owner of the monastery, a chapel, a unique artifact – belt of the Virgin, as well as a 600-year-old mulberry tree that grows at the entrance to the monastery.

Not far from Makronissos beach is another local attraction – Rock tombs. Archaeological excavations are still ongoing at the site of the tombs, but tourists are not prohibited from entering. Anyone can see the ancient sanctuary, quarry, tomb and other finds of archaeologists.

In early November, when the probability of rain is not as high as in the last weeks of the month, it is worth visiting the Cavo Greco National Park. Every corner of it breathes with the myths of Ancient Greece. So, vacationers are offered to walk along the Aphrodite trail, look into the Cave of the Cyclopsand try not to fall into the clutches of the dangerous half-woman, half-dog Scylla.

«Cavo Greco» has a varied flora. On an area of ​​380 hectares, a large number of amazing plants grow, some of which can only be seen in Cyprus.

The park has hiking and cycling trails, recreation areas, viewing platforms. In addition, here you can go diving and paragliding or ride a horse. To visit the park, choose suitable clothing that does not restrict movement and comfortable closed shoes.

Those who come to Ayia Napa with children should consider the following locations:

  • < strong>Parko Paliatso
  • Water World
  • Talassa Maritime Museum

Please note that at the end of November, some entertainment venues, museums and other tourist places may be closed, so it's best to check their opening hours in advance.

Holidays, events, festivals

The end of autumn in Cyprus is not rich in holidays. This is an intermediate period of rest between summer resort chaos and Christmas festivities. Therefore, resort guests will not find festivals and holidays in Ayia Napa in November.

Prices for holidays in November

Ayia Napa in November: Autumn with the taste of tangerines

Prices in Ayia Napa in November only add to the attractiveness of the autumn holidays in Cyprus. The high season is behind us, and with it – and peak prices. Almost all tourist infrastructure becomes cheaper at the end of autumn.

Price of tours

Tours to Ayia Napa are still in demand, so you can’t count on good discounts. The cost of tours, of course, is much lower than it was in summer, but practically does not differ from September and October prices. In December, there is a slight increase in prices, as many foreign tourists come to Cyprus to celebrate Christmas and New Year.


There is no airport in Ayia Napa, tourists arrive in Larnaca, and already from there they get to the resort. In October, the cost of a flight is 10-15% higher than in November. In December, ticket prices still rise slightly. Thus, November is the most favorable autumn month for traveling to Cyprus.


The resort has many family hotels that are great for families with children. However, in November the tourist season ends, which means that many hotels may be closed. When choosing a hotel, carefully check the opening hours.

As for the cost of living, the off-season here plays into the hands of tourists, because hotel owners reduce room prices.

Meals and transfer

Ayia Napa in November: autumn with a taste of tangerines

Cyprus is famous not only for its ideal climate and impeccable conditions for a beach holiday, but also for its unique authentic cuisine. Leaving Cyprus without trying local seafood would be an unforgivable mistake.

As in any catering establishments located in sea resort towns, visitors pay not only for lunch, but also for the view from the window. In cafes on the coast, prices on the menu are much higher than in establishments that are located away from the tourist area.

On average, the cost of lunch at a local cafe costs 40-50 euros. The price includes the main course, side dish, dessert, wine. In restaurants for locals and cafes far from the coast, the price for lunch is much lower (about 10-20 euros).

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The main public transport of the resort – city ​​buses. However, tourists do not have a special need to use them – Due to its small size, Ayia Napa can be explored on foot. A great option for getting around the city is to rent a bike. Cycling – it is not only profitable and convenient, but also fun and healthy. Daily bike rental costs 8 euros, scooter – 15 euros, buggy or ATV – about 50 euros.

The ticket price for adults and children over 6 years old starts from 1.5 euros (the price depends on the route and distance of the trip). At night, the cost rises to 2.5 euros. Tourists who plan to use public transport often are more profitable to purchase a daily ticket for 5 euros.

How to dress in Ayia Napa

In November, vacationers in Cyprus will need both light and warmer clothes. Light shirts or even T-shirts can be quite enough during the day, but in the evenings you have to warm up. Of course, you don’t need to bring a winter jacket with you, but it’s better to put a windbreaker and a couple of sweatshirts in a suitcase. Do not forget also about warm pajamas – it is quite cool at night in Ayia Napa.

Find a place in your luggage for a swimsuit. A beach holiday in autumn is good because you can sunbathe on the beach calmly, without fear of getting a sunstroke. However, do not neglect hats and sunscreen.

Tourists usually need sandals for urban walks, beach slippers and aqua shoes, as well as comfortable sneakers for conquering long-distance hiking routes.

< h2>Recommendations for holidays with children

Ayia Napa in November: autumn with a taste of tangerines

Come to Ayia Napa in November with children – great idea. There is something to do and what to see even in late autumn. Cypriot autumn is nothing like a rainy, windy and slushy season – in Ayia Napa in November it is warm and sunny, like in summer.

  • Family holidays in Ayia Napa: tips Kidpassage

To ensure that the holidays with children are as comfortable and safe as possible, parents should follow some recommendations.

The flora of Ayia Napa is very diverse, the local flora is impressive, but do not rush to take the bouquet to your hotel room. Some plants can be dangerous. So, lantana and oleander are distinguished by beautiful bright colors, but at the same time they are quite poisonous. Seaweeds can also be dangerous – some of their species sting no worse than nettles. It is better not to touch unfamiliar plants. In addition, you should have antihistamines in your first-aid kit.

Besides, eating oranges from the trees is not recommended, no matter how much you want to taste the local exotic. The fruits will not bring harm to health, but they will not bring taste ecstasy either – wild citrus fruits are very sour.

You need to be careful with local representatives of the fauna. It is better to enter the sea in aquashoes, because sea urchins are often found at the bottom. If you see a jellyfish drifting in the sea, swim around it in a wide arc – many species are poisonous. You need to be especially vigilant on the “wild” beaches.

Children of all ages will enjoy the holidays in Ayia Napa during the autumn holidays, and parents will bring home vivid memories and impressions of an unforgettable vacation. To better prepare for your trip, check out the Kid Passage Ayia Napa: A Family Guide. Good luck with planning and traveling with children in Ayia Napa!

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