“Autumn Stories” at Rosa Khutor

From 17 to 30 November, the resort will host a gastronomic festival

“Autumn Stories” at Rosa Khutor

During this period, the resort's nine restaurants will have special offers that will allow guests to taste exclusive gastronomic sets with discounts from 10 to 20%.

To participate in the festival, you need to get a card that reflects the current offers of institutions, presenting it at the restaurant, the guest receives a discount. The card is available at the box office or Rosa Khutor hotels, where it can be scanned using a QR code from the festival poster. When buying a walking ticket online, a link to go to this map will be attached in the voucher.

“The resort has long become a popular gastronomic destination, some guests come only to go to their favorite restaurant. Now, during the quiet period of the off-season, chefs have more opportunities for creative searches, which is reflected in the menu of the festival. For example, the gastropub “Triconi” offers to try a set of fermented cabbage in batter and charcoal cream and wine gel sauce. Now you can also test different versions of dishes with such a seasonal product as persimmon. For example, gastropub «Tsatsa» cooks smoked beef tartare with dried persimmon, hazelnuts and cheese mousse at the Black Bar& Grill it is grilled and served with stracciatella, a mango dressing. And Bierkeller Bar&Restaurant offers quiche from local persimmons and apples as part of the festival,” the Rosa Khutor press service notes.

Nine resort establishments: #560 Bistro, Boomerang, “Rukola”, “Trikoni”, “Tsatsa”, “Semigorye Manor”, Alcoteka, Black Bar & Grill, Bierkeller Bar&Restaurant.

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 In addition to tasting gastronomic delights at the festival “Autumn Stories”, guests of “Rosa Khutor” now they can take advantage of a unique opportunity – to ride the Strela, the longest cable car in Europe; (3.8 km) This chance appears only in the off-season, when other ski lifts (Olympia, Zapovedny Les, Kavkazsky Express, Wolf Rock and Edelweiss) undergo preventive maintenance before the winter season) .   On the “Arrow” you can climb to a height of 1600 meters above sea level, where the Mountain Park is open. There is an excellent photo zone for colorful photos against the backdrop of impressive landscapes, there is also a very effective “mast of desires” with colorful flags. Guests are also invited to walk through the mythical stone labyrinths, strike the “weather control gong”, wishing a snowy winter to come soon.

During the off-season, resort guests can take advantage of the Arrow Flight special rate. In addition to skiing, it includes a visit to the interactive ethno-park “My Russia” and the Museum of Archaeology. Among the holders of tickets “Flying on an arrow” a special prize will be drawn for the first time – summer seasonal ski pass for the Rosa Khutor cable cars. Detailed conditions of the competition are published on the resort's website and telegram channel.

It is expected that the ski season at Rosa Khutor will open on December 23rd.

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