Australian tourists fined in Rome for swimming in fountain

Swimming in the famous fountain of Rome will cost Australians 46 thousand rubles.

Australian tourists were fined in Rome for swimming in the fountain

Australian tourists were fined in Rome for swimming in a fountain

Two 28-year-old Australian tourists were fined 450 euros (more than 46 thousand rubles) after Rome police found them swimming in the waters of the famous Trevi Fountain on Sunday evening, Italian media reported.

Two women, fully clothed, were swimming in the fountain, which was opened in 1762. Eyewitnesses managed to film what was happening.

The incident occurred shortly before midnight on Sunday, and on Monday the video was published by the Welcome to Favelas Telegram channel.

The women reportedly decided to repeat the classic scene Anita Ekberg from Fellini's film “Dolce Vita” to celebrate the birthday of one of them.

According to the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero, they were joined by an unknown man who got out of the water before the police arrived and thus , avoided a fine.

Tourists, in turn, in addition to fines, were given a ban on visiting the Trevi Fountain.

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