Arrive in Pompeii in two hours: Italy's new high-speed rail route

Italy launches new high-speed train route

Arriving in Pompeii in two hours: Italy's new high-speed rail route

Arrive in Pompeii in Two Hours: Italy's New High-Speed ​​Rail Route

Italy has launched a new high-speed train route that will link Rome to one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, Pompeii. A train ride by the Italian company Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) will be available every third Sunday of the month, with the possibility of increasing frequency in the future.</p>

On July 16, the official opening of the new route took place. Among the travelers to Pompeii were Prime Minister Georgia Meloni and Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano. After arriving in Pompeii, a fascinating excursion took place.

Now you can reach Pompeii in less than two hours, thanks to the Frecciarossa high-speed train. Passengers are provided with convenience and comfort on the way, as well as a unique opportunity to enjoy the scenery of Italy during the journey

Currently, the route is only available every third Sunday of the month, but in the future it is planned to increase the frequency of trains. This means that tourists will have more opportunities to visit Pompeii and enjoy its unique archaeological sites.

Pompeii is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. This city is famous for its well-preserved archaeological sites, including city ruins, funerary complexes and unique mosaics.


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