Arctic trend

Recently, TASS hosted a press conference dedicated to the tourist and investment attractiveness of the Russian North, in particular, the Murmansk region. As you know, travel around the country has become more and more popular in recent years

Arctic Trend

Arctic Trend

Typically, people are interested not only in beach holidays, but also in event trips, for example.

So, in August, in Monchegorsk, which stands on the very edge of the polar tundra, Imandra Viking Fest will be held for the fifth time, initiated by the city development agency, under the leadership of Anna Fedorova. Especially for this, a platform with a medieval village is being built, where you can try everything related to the life of the ancients  Vikings – sailing on a drakkar, dancing, playing the drums, playing the harp, as well as chain mail crafts. Guests will have the opportunity to taste medieval food and enjoy a musical program featuring folk and rock bands.

And already in autumn, Gazprom Media will start filming the reality show Vikings of the North. “Such events are part of the historical ethno-cultural code of Russia, and a driver for the development of the regions – noted a member of the expert council of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Development  tourism infrastructure Gennady Shatalov – you need to create an interesting story, for the sake of which & nbsp; people will be ready to come several thousand kilometers away. Obviously, if earlier vacationers went for impressions to the famous village of Teriberka on the shores of the Barents Sea, which Andrey Zvyagintsev glorified in his Leviathan tape, now they will show curiosity to the new route.

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Arctic Trend

The speakers recalled that five years ago no one thought about the development of tourism in industrial Monchegorsk, and last year the city entered the top 5 winter tourist destinations on the Kola Peninsula. And this, by the way, is largely due to the efforts of MMC Norilsk Nickel. Director of the Department of Social  Irina Zhuykova emphasized: “We invest in creating a comfortable urban environment, in the development of social infrastructure facilities.” The results of a large-scale study of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion were also announced. “In the course of the survey, which involved 1600 people, 68% of respondents answered that they would be curious to visit Monchegorsk” – said Stepan Lvov, director of strategic communications at VTsIOM.

Naturally, tourists are attracted by the bewitching landscapes, customs and traditions of indigenous peoples, gastronomic splendor and the availability of a variety of educational excursions at affordable prices. Andrey Chibis, Governor of the Murmansk Region, speaking online, highlighted the most important thing: “According to the results of last year, we broke the record of our region and the entire Arctic zone – we've been  540 thousand tourists, which is 11% more than the previous year. For four years, according to our analytics, tourism revenues amounted to more than 9 billion rubles.

Arctic trend

The Murmansk region does not have a seasonal factor. Every season is attractive in its own way. This is winter – with downhill skiing, snowmobiling and northern lights; spring – with unique sea fishing for cod; summer that opens  gigantic prospects; autumn – beautiful, bright, golden, mushroom season. And, of course, watching whales, dolphins and killer whales – this is what tourists come to us all year round. We are actively developing the infrastructure: new hotels and restaurants are appearing in the region. And, most importantly, what we are now focusing on – improving the quality of service, developing competition, so that our guest or our resident, who travels around the region to relax with his family, is comfortable. Thus, everything speaks for the fact that every year & nbsp; trips to this pearl of the Arctic, where & nbsp; you can admire the Khibiny Mountains, wander along the shores of the harsh lakes Imandra and Lumbolka, meet the dawn in the Lapland Reserve, it will become more accessible, easier and more convenient.

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Text: Elena Gribkova
Photo: Irina Kharlamova

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