Antalya in November: warm chords of autumn

Antalya – a real pearl of Turkish tourism. This city can be called the most popular resort in the country. Due to the southern location of Antalya, the beach season lasts here for seven whole months, even in the first half of November you can still see vacationers on the city beaches.

The first president of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, called Antalya “the most beautiful city on the Turkish coast.” And this statement is not at all an exaggeration. In Antalya, natural and man-made beauties are closely intertwined. Locals and nature have worked hand in hand to create this Mediterranean paradise.

When is the best time to visit Antalya? There is no single answer to this question, because every season here is beautiful in its own way. So, autumn is ideal for those who prefer trips to calm resort towns that “exhale” after a busy summer season and seem to freeze in time.

Someone loves the contemplation of seascapes more than attending a noisy foam party. And someone wants to warm their hands on a cup of strong Turkish coffee, breathe in the fresh sea air and take long walks around the city and its picturesque surroundings.

Kidpassage will tell you why Antalya is so attractive in November and what it costs prepare while planning your trip.

Antalya in November: warm chords of autumn

Holidays in Antalya in November: pros and cons

Even if you specifically set a goal and look for negative reviews about holidays in Antalya in November, then it will take more than one day. Moreover, it is not a fact that this task will be crowned with success at all. Tourists love Antalya in autumn, and here's why:

  • Not crowded. In November, passenger traffic to Antalya decreases several times. Vacationers no longer have to wait long to get on an excursion, do not have to watch for free tables in cafes and refuse their favorite hotels due to lack of free rooms.
  • Good weather. Even at the end of autumn, warm sunny days prevail in the Mediterranean resort of Turkey.
  • Prices for holidays. Since November is the low season, the entire tourist infrastructure is much cheaper.
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits. Be sure to visit the local markets – you will not see such a variety of seasonal products in supermarkets.

Antalya in November is certainly beautiful, but during this period the resort also has cons:

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  • The cold sea. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea is unlikely to succeed. Those who come to Turkey in early November still have a small chance to enjoy a beach holiday, but in the last days of November, swimming is no longer possible.
  • Closure of tourism infrastructure. Some hotels, water parks, beach activities and a number of excursion locations are not available from October to April. The season is ending for animators in many Turkish hotels.
  • Possible weather deterioration. At the end of November, weather conditions may worsen. Rain and cold weather are more likely.
  • Tourists who dream of a beach holiday should not visit Antalya in November. At this time, the Mediterranean Sea is cold and not suitable for swimming. It is also worth considering another season for visiting the resort for those who love noisy and active holidays, – in autumn, Turkey “falls into hibernation” until April and does not indulge guests with a rich entertainment program.

    The weather in Antalya in November

    Weather in Antalya in November – December is unpredictable, the forecast may change from day to day. The closer to December, the colder it gets at the resort. However, winter in Turkey still passes with positive temperatures and is more reminiscent of rainy autumn in our latitudes.

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    The weather in early November pleases tourists with warm sunny days. At this time, holidaymakers can still “grab the tail” an elusive beach holiday and even a nice tan. Those who travel to Antalya in the first half of the month should put summer things in their suitcase.

    The temperature in Antalya in mid-November remains high enough during the day to wear T-shirts, but it gets noticeably colder at night. In the evenings, in cafes, visitors are increasingly ordering hot tea, rather than iced mojitos. If you want to enjoy the local sunsets and not shiver from the cold, take a long-sleeved sweater or a light windbreaker with you.

    The weather in Antalya at the end of November no longer allows resort guests to swim in the sea and walk along the street in a t-shirt and shorts. At the end of the month, it's time to warm up. This, of course, is not at all about down jackets and winter hats – a tracksuit, jeans, turtlenecks and demi-season jackets will be enough.

    Air and water temperature

    The Mediterranean climate makes Antalya a place where you can relax all year round. The weather in the resort, surrounded on three sides by the Taurus Mountains, is almost calm even in autumn.

    Air temperature in Antalya in November

    The average day and night temperatures in Antalya in November are +20.1 °C and +14.4 °C respectively. At the end of the month, the mercury column often drops to +18 °C, but not lower than – significant cold snaps are rare here.

    Water temperature in the sea

    The Mediterranean Sea cools down slowly, so in early November, tourists can try to swim. The average water temperature in the last month of autumn is +22.5 °C. Such an indicator does not stop seasoned holidaymakers, but it is too cold for children to splash around at such a temperature.


    November is not a very rainy month, but bad weather is possible this month. The average November rainfall is 72.7 mm. Number of rainy days – 4.

    Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

    Most of November is sunny (72%, or 21 days). Cloudy and overcast days take the same amount of time – about 14%. Vacationers can do without umbrellas and raincoats. 

    Beach holidays in Antalya

    Antalya in November: warm chords of autumn

    Antalya is exactly a beach resort. Most tourists come here to soak up a sun lounger in the warm sunshine, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, get a beautiful bronze tan. However, in November these dreams are not destined to come true – the sea cools to an uncomfortable temperature, and the beach infrastructure is closed until spring.

    But you can come up with a new dream! For example, sitting on the coast and looking into the distance, where the sky meets the sea, merging into one deep blue background. Take an interesting book and immerse yourself in reading to the sound of the waves and the light whisper of the wind. Drink coffee on the shore and share a fresh bun with seagulls…

    Go to the beaches of Antalya in autumn – it is a different, special kind of pleasure, and the cold sea – there is no reason to deny yourself.

    On the territory of Olympos National ParkTopcham beach is located, which is considered the cleanest on the coast. This is the perfect place to be alone with nature and enjoy the picturesque views. Entrance is free, the fee is charged only for the rental of sun loungers, but vacationers can sit on their own towel.

    In addition, you can visit the Konyaalti beach. It is worth noting that the territory is divided into paid (more comfortable) and free ("wild") zones. It will appeal to those tourists who dream of escaping civilization, and holidaymakers who are accustomed to maximum comfort. There are cafes and bars on the beach where you can dine.

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    The 1.5 km zone called “Beach Park” is perhaps the busiest stretch of coast. During the day you can find a lot of water and active entertainment, and in the evenings “Beach Park” pleases guests with discos, foam parties and other night events.

    Sightseeing holidays in Antalya

    Antalya in November: warm chords of autumn

    November – the perfect month for a sightseeing holiday. The sun is no longer trying to incinerate the Turks and foreign visitors to the city. The temperature drops to levels at which you can safely spend the whole day outdoors without fear of getting burned or getting heatstroke. The length of daylight hours in the last month of autumn is 9.8 & ndash; 10.7 hours, which means that tourists have a lot of time to see local attractions, which are many in Antalya.

    Where to start acquaintance with city? Of course, with a sightseeing tour of Antalya! An ordinary walk through the streets of the resort will give a lot of impressions. The Old Town deserves special attention, where ancient houses and mosques have been preserved, and one of the main local attractions is located – Yivli Minaret, which can be seen from anywhere in Antalya.

    • Things to do with children in Antalya

    For lovers of architectural there are also historical sights to see. Pay attention to the Hydirlik Tower, a monument of Roman architecture made of red-brown brick. Another symbol of the city is the Hadrian's Gate with its stone columns and arches. By the way, the gate – this is the entrance to the Old City.

    In early November, it is better to give preference to outdoor walks and visits to interesting open-air locations. For example, you can climb Mount Tyunektepe, on top of which there is an observation deck. Or you can go to the Duden waterfalls and see karst caves.

    In late November, when the weather is bad, it is recommended to combine business with pleasure – arrange a tour of local museums. archaeological works in Antalyaand ethnographic museums, Ataturk Museum.

    Tourists with children should visit:

    • Miniature Park &laquo ;Mini City»
    • City Aquarium
    • Dinopark
    • Aktur Park Amusement Park

    Holidays, events, festivals

    The most important holiday in Antalya in November (as well as in other cities of Turkey) – it's Kemal Atatürk Memorial Day. The founder of the Republic of Turkey did a lot for its development and prosperity, so the Turks remember the first president with trepidation to this day. Ataturk Memorial Day falls on November 10, many entertainment locations do not work on this day.

    Various entertainment events, shows, and performances can take place in November. Tourists who want to catch something like this on vacation should familiarize themselves with the city's Internet poster in advance.

    Prices for holidays in November

    Antalya in November: warm chords of autumn

    Prices in Antalya in November are so attractive that it is difficult to resist the temptation to immediately book tickets and a hotel. Moreover, not only the main items of expenditure are getting cheaper – this applies to literally the entire tourist infrastructure, including cafes, excursions and entertainment.

    Price of tours

    In November, the cost of tours to Antalya drops by 3% -7% compared to October prices.


    In October, November and the first half of December, the cost of the flight practically does not change. Price fluctuations are less than 1%. Significant changes in value occur towards the end of December. Many people want to celebrate the New Year holidays on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Accordingly, increased demand leads to a rise in price. The cost of the flight is increased by 30%.

    • Catalog of family hotels in Antalya
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    Hotels start to become cheaper in October, and by November some hotels even become obscenely low prices. Plan a vacation for the last month of autumn – This is a great way to save money on vacation. The difference between October and November prices is about 25%. 

    Many local hotels are family oriented. Almost all five-star and most four-star hotels offer a special children's menu, high chairs, cribs, playgrounds. Parents can leave the child in the care of a nanny. Children are entertained every day by animators.

    Meals and transfers

    Antalya in November: warm chords of autumn

    In Antalya, there are many catering establishments of different “star”: from cheap canteens to fashionable restaurants. Here you can appreciate the cuisine of many peoples of the world: Italian, French, Chinese, Georgian, Japanese, etc.

    The cost of lunch starts from 30 liras and can reach 200 liras. The higher the level of the institution and the closer to the sea, the more expensive. In the city at every step there are kiosks with street food, there is also a McDonald's here. and Burger King.

    Antalya has a well-developed transport system. City transport is represented by buses and dolmush. In addition, there are two tram routes. Fare – 2–5 lira.

    Resort guests also have the opportunity to take a taxi – it is absolutely safe as all local services are official. Each car is equipped with a meter, a city trip costs about 20–60 lira.

    How to dress in Antalya

    Tourists will need both summer and autumn things. Those who plan to visit the resort in the first half of November are advised to focus on their summer wardrobe and grab some warm sweaters. Tourists who choose the last days of the month for vacation, on the contrary, should not take too many T-shirts with them, instead they should give preference to demi-season items.

    Whatever half of November you arrive, be sure to take a swimsuit with you. If you are lucky enough to swim in the Mediterranean Sea – this will be good. And if the weather makes a beach holiday inaccessible, then you will always have the opportunity to swim in the heated pool or soak in the hammam.

    November – excursion period. Tourists, as a rule, often visit excursions and walk a lot. In this regard, you need to carefully consider the choice of shoes – it should be as comfortable as possible so that you can safely walk several kilometers a day and not suffer from pain in your legs in the evening. 

    Recommendations for families with children

    Antalya in November: warm chords of autumn

    November can be called a good month for a family vacation, but only if you do not count on a beach holiday. At the end of autumn, the weather here is comfortable – no stupefying heat and at the same time warm enough for long walks.

    • Holidays with children in Antalya: Kidpassage tips

    The city has a lot of entertainment for children of all ages, so your child will not be bored. Even if the hotel does not have animators, this will not be a problem. The resort has plenty of options for family activities.

    More information about the resort can be found in Kidpassage "Antalya: Family Guide". This city is hospitable not only in the high season, but also in the cold season. Arriving here in November, you will see this firsthand!

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