Antalya in March: the first step towards the high season

The largest city in the Turkish Mediterranean, the most famous seaside resort in Turkey, as well as the eighth largest city in the country — it's all about Antalya. Almost everyone has heard about the resort, and many even know it personally.

The love of tourists for Antalya is quite understandable, because it is a beautiful and multifaceted resort. Tourists enjoy beach relaxation, taste local spicy dishes, attend interesting excursions, get acquainted with the history and culture of Turkey.

Officially, the high season here lasts from April to November, but in fact the resort welcomes guests all year round. Many people come here in March, before the start of tourist activity. The first month of spring really has many advantages, which — tells Kidpassage.

Antalya in March: the first step towards the high season

Rest in Antalya in March: pros and cons

Reviews about holidays in Antalya in March, how As a rule, they are positive, because the pluses of this period prevail over the minuses. Let's take a look at the main strongs of the March holidayat the resort:

  • Weather. At the beginning of spring, the resort is warm and sunny, it rains much less often than in winter. This is a great time for walks and excursions in the fresh air.
  • The opening of the tourist infrastructure. In March, hotels, restaurants, entertainment locations that were closed for the low season begin to open little by little. The tourist infrastructure is not yet fully operational, but is already preparing for the high season.
  • Vitamins. After a long winter, the body needs to replenish its vitamin reserves, and this can be done in sunny Turkey. There are many fresh fruits and vegetables in local markets, and the sun generously gives vitamin D to all city guests.
  • The number of tourists. March does not belong to the high season, so the streets, beaches and hotels are not yet crowded, despite the fact that with the advent of spring, passenger traffic increases significantly.
  • The cost of rest. At the beginning of spring, prices at the resort gradually increase, but still remain quite budgetary.

If Antalya in March and disappointstourists, then only the impossibility of a beach holiday. The Mediterranean Sea is just beginning to warm up, the water temperature is about +17…18 °C, it is still quite cold to swim.

March — great time to visit Antalya. Tourists can already bask in the warm sun and even get a tan, and at the same time they will be able to avoid the pandemonium and high prices inherent in the summer season. 

Antalya weather in March

Antalya weather in March — April pleases with warmth and abundance of sunlight. With the advent of spring, there is less and less rain in the resort, and fine days — More. The Mediterranean Sea is still cold for swimming, but there are already a lot of people on the beaches — vacationers stroll along the coast, wander barefoot on the sand and shallow water, breathe the sea air and admire the inspiring landscapes of the Mediterranean.

The weather in early March is often cloudy. If it rains in March, then with a high degree of probability precipitation falls precisely in the first half of the month. During this period it is also often windy — not the best time for boat trips.

The temperature in Antalya in mid-March exceeds +15 °C, and sometimes even reaches +20 °C. Even in the evenings, it is pleasant to walk here in a light shirt or windbreaker, and in the daytime, sometimes you can even get by with a T-shirt.

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The weather in Antalya at the end of March is best for families with children. In the last days of the month, the resort often has a real heat during the day, the Mediterranean Sea warms up so much that you can already wet your feet, dangle them in salty waters. Almost all days are sunny, and rains — a huge rarity.

Air and water temperature

The subtropical climate is considered the most comfortable for life and recreation, and it is he who reigns in Antalya. Therefore, the off-season can be called the ideal time for a vacation.

Due to the tropical notes of the local climate zone, during the summer periods it is quite hot and humid here, which is not good for the body. In winter, it often rains, the number of cloudy days prevails over sunny ones with a significant preponderance. But in spring and autumn, the optimal temperature is set at the resort (within + 15…20 °C), the rains come to naught, and the sun takes over the clouds.

Air temperature in Antalya in March

The average day and night temperatures in the resort at the beginning of spring are +16.8 °C and +10.5 °C, respectively. High temperature indicators create excellent conditions for sightseeing holidays. After a long winter, you want to walk along the street as long as possible, and in Antalya in March it is possible.

Please note that, despite the positive marks of the street thermometer, it is still quite cool in the hotel rooms — there is no centralized heating in Antalya. Make sure that you have warm things in your suitcase for sleeping and staying in the room.

Water temperature in Antalya in March

The average water temperature in Antalya in March is +16.9 °C . The water warms up gradually and by the end of the month it warms up to +19 °C.


For the entire month, the resort has a total of four rainy days. The average rainfall for March — 62.2 mm. At the beginning of the month, the probability of precipitation is high, while by the end of March, such risks are reduced to zero.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

The number of sunny days in the first the month of spring is 65%, or 20 days. Cloudy days account for 23%. And only 13% of the time of the whole month remains cloudy. The length of daylight hours is 11.4-12.6 hours, in March tourists have enough daylight hours to explore the city.

Sightseeing holidays in Antalya

Antalya in March: the first step towards the high season

Early spring — the perfect time for a sightseeing holiday in Antalya. In early March, it can still rain occasionally, but an umbrella in a city backpack will quickly solve this problem. Antalya should not be considered solely as a beach resort — it is a very interesting city with a lot of historical and architectural sights. The peculiarity of Antalya lies in the mixture of cultures — at one time, the city managed to be in the power of the Roman, Greek, Byzantine empires, each of which left its mark here.

Acquaintance with Antalya should begin with the Old City, namely — from the Kaleichi area. It is here that the bulk of historical sights are concentrated, the atmosphere of traditional Turkey reigns here. The original district of Kaleichi, which means “inside the fortress”, is indeed separated from the modern part of the city by a high wall.

Tourists enter the Old Town through the iconic local landmark — Hadrian's Gate, or Uch Kapilar. The triple arch, built during the Roman Empire, was created more than 2000 years ago and has been perfectly preserved to this day.

In the Old City there are two of the most famous minarets — Kesik, on the site of which there was a Muslim temple, destroyed by fire in the 19th century, and Yivli, the thinnest and highest minaret of the city, visible from anywhere in Antalya.

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It is also worth seeing the unique architectural landmark of the 2nd century AD. e., erected during the Roman Empire, — Hidirlik Tower. At the top of the tower is an observation deck, inside the — theater, where historical reenactments and performances often take place. The structure, resembling a huge drum, is beautifully illuminated in the evenings; there are cafes and restaurants nearby — you can enjoy dinner and at the same time admire one of the most famous architectural sights of Antalya.

At the foot of the Hidirlik tower, the picturesque park of Karaalioglu is located. At the end of March, nature begins to wake up, so a walk in the park will be an excellent leisure option. The Duden waterfalls should also be added to the list of natural attractions that must be visited.

As for family holidays, there are many places in the city where both children and parents will be interested. Here are just a few of these locations:

  • Oceanarium
  • Dolphinarium
  • Mini City Miniature Park
  • Aktur Park

Holidays, events, festivals

There are few “red dates” in the Turkish calendar at the beginning of spring, tourists will not find lush public holidays in Antalya in March. Only on March 18, on Canakkale Victory Day, ceremonial services are held in temples, and government officials offer flowers to the memorials of the dead.

In addition, March 21 marks the day of the arrival of spring according to astronomical solar calendar — Novruz. Until 1991, this holiday was banned in Turkey, and today not everyone celebrates it. Interestingly, on September 30, 2009 Novruz was included by UNESCO in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Among those who celebrate Novruz, it is believed that the more magnificent the celebration, the richer the next year will be. Today, Novruz in Turkey is perceived more as a holiday of national self-expression, when old customs and traditions can be revived.  

Rest prices in March

Antalya in March: the first step towards the high season

Prices in Antalya in March — another argument in favor of spring break. The cost is just beginning to rise, it is still far from the peak rise in price that occurs in the summer. If you wanted to save money on holidays in Turkey, then it is better to do it in March.

Price of tours

In March, the cost of tours increases by 19% compared to February prices. In April, tour operators also raise the price tag by 19%. Every month, until November itself, tours to Antalya become more expensive.


March air tickets are slightly more expensive than February ones, carriers raise prices by 5-10%. But in April, the price tag grows several times. The closer summer is, the more expensive flights to Antalya become.


At the beginning of spring, tourists still have the opportunity to inexpensively relax in good hotels. Accommodation prices will begin to rise rapidly in April, and in March there is a moderate rise in price, within 10–15%.

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Meals and transfers

Do not limit your meals in Antalya to the all inclusive buffet. The city has many diverse catering establishments worthy of your attention. What are only authentic cafes where they brew coffee on coals and masterfully spin the most delicious dener right in front of customers.

Everyone will find here a cafe not only to their taste, but also to their wallet. Street snacks cost 10 & ndash; 30 lira, lunch in a middle-class cafe — at 50 & ndash; 100 lire, in a good restaurant — from 200 lira.

In picturesque Antalya, there are many catering establishments overlooking the sea and mountains, but you will have to pay extra for aesthetics. In the Kaleiçi area, there are a lot of atmospheric authentic establishments imbued with Turkish flavor.

Public transport is well developed in Antalya, there is not even a need to rent a car here, unless, of course, you plan to travel to the local suburbs. The transport network covers the entire city and consists of buses and trams. To pay for the fare, it is recommended to purchase a transport card — it is more profitable and more convenient than buying a separate ticket each time.

How to dress in Antalya

At the beginning of spring, summer and warm clothes will come in handy for tourists. During the day it is sometimes so warm that you want to throw off everything superfluous. However, in the evening, such liberties are no longer available due to coolness and winds. It is always better to have a spare jacket in your backpack — even if the sun is hot, it is not a fact that in an hour the weather will not change. Still, spring — the most capricious and unstable time of the year.

Shoes should be comfortable and practical, because tourists walk tens of kilometers, getting acquainted with the sights of Antalya and just walking through local parks and the coast.

Don't forget your swimsuit too. Of course, you won’t be able to plunge into the Mediterranean Sea in the first month of spring, but you can relax in the hammam or sauna and swim in the heated pool.

Recommendations for families with children

Antalya in March: the first step towards the high season

March — quite a suitable month for a family holiday in Antalya, but it is better to give preference to the second half of the month, when the weather is more or less stabilized. In addition, the beginning of spring is suitable for those tourists who are not focused on a beach holiday. The Mediterranean Sea is still cold in March, there is nothing to think about swimming.

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Otherwise, the first month of spring can be called a favorable period to come to a Turkish resort with children. The weather pleases with sunny days, the cost remains moderate, the tourist infrastructure begins to open actively. Neither adults nor children will be bored here. For more information about where you can go to Antalya with the whole family, read the Kid Passage article “Children's Routes: Antalya”.

Our portal wishes you a pleasant stay and reminds you that it is not so important what time of year And where exactly are you going on vacation? The main thing is that you will spend this time with loved ones, be filled with new emotions and show the world to children.

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