Antalya in February: on the border of two seasons

Antalya — a popular Mediterranean resort in Turkey, which annually receives about a million tourists from around the world. Holidays in Antalya are clearly divided into high and low seasons. The peak of attendance is in the summer months, while in winter the resort is calm.

If you decide to relax in the cold season, namely in February, then read the Kid Passage tips before booking a tour. In this article, we have collected for you all the nuances of a February holiday, as well as useful recommendations for organizing family leisure.

Antalya in February: on the border of two seasons


Vacations in Antalya in February: pros and cons

Reviews about holidays in Antalya in February are quite contradictory, since not everyone likes winter Turkey. But let's talk about the good first, because Antalya in February has certain advantages. The main advantagesof visiting a Mediterranean resort at the end of winter are:

  • Rest cost. February — one of the most budget months for holidays in Turkey, during this period record low prices for tours are set.
  • The number of tourists. The number of people in the resort corresponds to the low season — There are few tourists in Antalya in February. There are always free places in hotels and restaurants, and there are no long queues in popular sightseeing places.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the subtropical climate with pronounced tropical characteristics, Antalya has fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. So, in winter there is an abundance of citrus fruits, avocados, pomegranates, quince. You can even find strawberries in local markets.
  • Weather conditions. Although February is quite a rainy and cloudy month, the air temperature in the resort is always positive. Such warmth is not typical for winters in our latitudes, so visitors are happy to bask in the sun — albeit not hot, but quite warm.

However, Antalya in February also has disadvantages, some of which are quite significant and may force some tourists to completely abandon their winter holidays in Turkey. So, what are the most dissatisfied people who visited Antalya in the last month of winter?

  • The cold sea. In February, a beach holiday is not available, since the Mediterranean Sea is quite cold (about +15…18°C). When planning a vacation, you should not rely on sea relaxation.
  • Unstable weather. February weather is unpredictable, it is impossible to predict what it will be like in just a couple of hours. If the sun shines brightly in the morning, this does not mean at all that it will be so at noon.
  • Partially closed tourist infrastructure. February belongs to the low season, so many attractions, restaurants and entertainment locations are closed to the public.

Antalya weather in February

Weather in Antalya in February — March is warm, but at the same time it can hardly be called comfortable for walks and excursions. The fact is that the change of the winter and spring seasons is unstable, sunny weather is instantly replaced by rain. The sea often storms, the winds blow almost constantly.

The weather in early February is rainy and cloudy, but the precipitation is short, the rains pass quickly and do not bring much precipitation with them. Sometimes there are consistently clear days, but you should not hope for a bronze tan.

The temperature in Antalya in mid-February is quite comfortable for walking in the fresh air, the mercury column shows +11…15 °C during the day and +7…10 °C at night. More discomfort is caused not by low temperatures, but by high humidity and winds.

The weather in Antalya at the end of February remains the same as it was throughout the month: cloudy, windy and rainy periods. This is a good time for sightseeing, but not for a beach holiday.

Most hotels in Turkey do not have centralized heating, rooms are heated by air conditioners or other heating devices that turn on only when guests are present. You need to be prepared for the fact that the room can be quite cool. We recommend bringing warm pajamas in your luggage.

Air and water temperature

The subtropical climate of the resort makes it one of the most comfortable for living and recreation. The mild winter is characterized by positive temperatures and the absence of snow (snow cover here can only be seen in the mountains). The main disadvantages of February are unpredictable weather and constant winds.

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Air temperature in Antalya in February

The average day and night temperatures in the resort are +14.5 °C and +9.3 °C, respectively. During the day, Antalya has favorable conditions for walking and excursions, but in the evenings it gets cooler, you can’t do without jackets or windbreakers.

Water temperature in the sea

February — not a good month for a beach holiday in Antalya. The average water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is +17.1 °C. Sometimes on local beaches you can see extreme people who are ready to take a dip, but this is more an exception than a pattern.


Winter is considered a rainy period in many regions of Turkey, and Antalya is no exception. For the whole month there are about six rainy days, which bring with them 79.5 mm of precipitation. It is better to put an umbrella in your suitcase.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

The end of winter on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is characterized by unstable capricious weather, but most of the time, fortunately for vacationers, is sunny days. Clear weather is given 54% of the time of the entire month, which is equivalent to 15 days. 25% of February days are cloudy outside, 21% — cloudy. The length of daylight hours is 10.4–11.3 hours.

Sightseeing holidays in Antalya

Antalya in February: on the border of two seasons


Because the beach It is impossible to have a good rest in Antalya in February, tourists devote all their free time to local attractions. Despite the fact that Antalya is primarily a Mediterranean resort and most vacationers come here for water sports, even in winter you won’t get bored here. There are many interesting places in the city. So where do you start your acquaintance with Antalya?

Of course, first of all, you need to go on a walking city walk, paying special attention to the historical part of the city. It rains in early February, so take an umbrella with you and boldly go on a date with Antalya.

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The road to the historical district leads through one of the main architectural sights of Antalya — Hadrian's Gate. A large number of attractions are concentrated in the Old Town: the Yivli Minaret, which is visible from anywhere in the city, the unique Khidyrlyk Drum Tower, the ancient Saat Kulesi Clock Tower.

In the Kaleiçi district, in the heart of old Antalya, tourists will find a working Turkish market that stretches an entire street. Turkish Markets — this is not only a place for shopping, but also a real attraction. From the number of goods, colorful gizmos and souvenirs, your eyes simply run wide, the air is saturated with the aroma of spices and spices, and sellers, slowly smoking hookahs, are always ready to enter into lively auctions with buyers.

In the Old Town there is also a panoramic elevator that takes tourists to the observation deck. From the top you have an impressive view of the entire city. In addition, the panoramic elevator allows you to get from one part of the city to another, without climbing up steep slopes or, on the contrary, going down the narrow streets of a mountain resort. The lift separates the old part of the resort from the new one.

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If the weather is unfavorable for walks at the end of February, you can devote time to the city's museums. The main places to visit are Antalya Museum and Ataturk Museum. Here, tourists will get acquainted with the history of the city, its rulers, the life of the ancient inhabitants, and local traditions.

For family-oriented resort guests, the following places should be considered for visiting with children:

  • Selfie Park
  • Dinopark in the neighboring village of Goynuk
  • Aquarium
  • Toy Museum

Holidays, events, festivals

End of winter — this is a period of calm and a time of rest from the long-playing New Year's festivities. Therefore, tourists will not find holidays in Antalya in February. The only thing is that in February, on the 14th, Valentine's Day is celebrated. This is a fairly new holiday for Turkey, not everyone celebrates it.

Events are held at concert venues, in theaters of the city, but they are temporary, you can find them in the city poster.

Prices for holidays in February

Antalya in February: on the border of two seasons


When else to save on holidays in Turkey, if not at the end of winter? Prices in Antalya in February are the lowest of the year. During this period, the resort receives a minimum number of tourists, as a result of low demand, the cost of tourist infrastructure is reduced to an annual minimum.

Price of tours

February tours to Antalya are distinguished by the lowest cost of the year. During this period, you can find very good deals at a low price. There are not so many people who want to relax in Turkey in February, so travel agencies are trying to lure customers with great deals.

Flight price

At the end of winter, there are not too many people who want to fly to the seaside resorts of Turkey. Low demand leads to corresponding flight prices, so February — the most profitable month for air travelers. A slight rise in price (within 10%) occurs in March, but in April there is already a rapid increase in airfare.


The lowest prices are also set for accommodation, however, it is worth remembering that many hotels are completely or partially closed in February. In March, prices remain at the same low level, the rise in price only begins in the middle of spring.

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Meals and transfers

Antalya in February: on the border of two seasons


Antalya has such a varied diet that this city can be considered as a place for gastronomic tourism. There are establishments of French, Japanese, Italian and other countries of the world. However, the most remarkable and memorable are, of course, authentic Turkish restaurants serving exclusively traditional dishes.

Even if you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel, do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying at least once real dolma, shakshuka, balyk ekmek and other dishes familiar to Turks, but exotic for foreigners.

The resort has catering establishments with different pricing policies. So, a snack on street food or in an inexpensive canteen will cost 70–80 lire, in a middle-class cafe a visitor will have a check for 100–200 lire, and in a restaurant the order price starts from 300 lire.

  • Turkish national cuisine: delicacies not included in all inclusive

The public transport system of Antalya is developed at a fairly high level. You can get from point A to point B by bus, tram or dolmush. The fare depends on the specific mode of transport and the distance of the route:

  • the total fare for the anonymous Antalyakart travel card; — 8 lire;
  • single ticket — 9 lire;
  • fare when paying by credit card — 8.25 Lira;
  • cost of transplant — 2.5 lira (not valid for credit cards, one-time passes).
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For convenience, you can travel around the resort by taxi. There are several official services in the city, all cars are equipped with meters. A trip within the resort costs about 50-100 lira (depending on the distance). If the passenger needs to go to a neighboring settlement, then in this case the price of the trip is fixed.

How to dress in Antalya

In February, you need to dress first of all in layers. Winter weather here is unstable, often sunny heat is replaced by rain and piercing wind. Tourists should always have spare warm clothes on hand.

A windbreaker in a suitcase will not hurt either. You may never get it out of your luggage, but it is better to thoroughly prepare for the vagaries of the February weather so that they do not take you by surprise.

Both summer and demi-season things will come in handy at the resort. Take a couple of T-shirts, shirts and warm jackets. Jeans will be the best option for any weather — the heat, in which you want to put on shorts, with a high degree of probability, vacationers will not be caught.

As for shoes, February in Antalya — This is the time of excursions, which means that you will have to walk a lot. Make sure that your feet are comfortable to cover long distances. Choose comfortable, durable shoes with low running, and if they are also waterproof, then this can generally be called an ideal option.

Despite the low water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea, vacationers should still take a swimsuit with them. In February, it is nice to swim in a heated pool, relax in a hammam or spa (jacuzzi, sauna, thalassotherapy, etc.), as well as get healthy in local thermal springs.

In addition, if you plan to go to the mountains, you need to take winter things with you. In the mountains there is a sub-zero temperature, which requires the appropriate wardrobe.

Recommendations for holidays with children

Antalya in February: on the border of two seasons

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February is perhaps the most capricious month of the year in Turkey. The weather is unstable, so it is impossible to predict what awaits you at the resort — sun and warmth or constant rain and cloudy skies. If you are ready for natural force majeure in the form of precipitation and low temperatures, then you can safely book a tour to Antalya — even if a beach holiday is not possible, you will not be bored at the resort.

  • Family holidays in Antalya: Kidpassage tips

The city has entertainment for both kids and teenagers, as well as for their parents. It should be noted that quite a lot of cultural and entertainment locations are located indoors, which means that bad weather will not be a hindrance. And if the weather pleases with sunshine and clear skies, it will not be difficult to reschedule an outdoor program. You can read more about how to spend leisure time with the whole family in the Kid Passage article “5 best activities for children in Antalya”.

Summarizing, let's say that February is not the best month for a family vacation, but with the right attitude and competent preparation, the February holiday in Antalya will surely become unforgettable even under adverse weather conditions.

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