Anna Semenovich went to Turkey

The artist not only talked about her vacation, but also showed off her curvaceous figure.

Anna Semenovich went to Turkey

Anna Semenovich went to Turkey

The star went on vacation to Turkey and published candid photos on her social network page. In the pictures, the singer poses in an iridescent gray-gold swimsuit with imitation of python skin.

Anna Semenovich said that she herself participated in the creation of this swimming suit.

In addition, the singer told subscribers why she did not fly to the Maldives, but preferred Turkey: “I was in the Maldives in March, I really liked it, and in the summer I preferred Turkey for a family vacation.

Semenovich stayed at the Sherwood Exclusive Kemer Hotel and shared her impressions : «There are very comfortable rooms with access to the pool. We sunbathe every day in our cabana on the pier, it gives me the opportunity to interact with the family… The food here is sooo delicious, yesterday I broke down and ate sweets, but today I have a fasting day, we are going to a fish restaurant.

In March, the star admitted that she had gained weight by showing a photo in a bathing suit taken in the Maldives. She also revealed that she only works out when she's in the mood.

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