Anna Khilkevich about the show “Survive in Dubai” and her emotionality

Anna Khilkevich spoke about her emotional upheavals during the filming of the show Survive in Dubai.

Anna Khilkevich about the show

Anna Khilkevich about the show “Survive in Dubai” and her emotionality

Anna Khilkevich expressed regret about her emotionality on the Survive in Dubai show. The actress admitted that she could have done differently.

Reality show “Survive in Dubai” began airing in early July. In one of the episodes, the actress of the famous TV series «Univer» unable to control her emotions and burst into tears, causing discontent among some of the other members of the team of stars.

Khilkevich claims that her reaction was completely sincere, although she now regrets her behavior. “If I had known that what happened would happen, I would have chosen a different path. But “if” are just empty words. And yes, I am very sensitive. In ordinary life, we can simply get away from people and situations, but on this show, where everything is predetermined, this is impossible,” Khilkevich explained.

The actress noted that the audience sees only one hour of airtime, while events actually unfold over at least two days. Khilkevich noted that it was difficult for her to participate in the filming of the project, it took her almost a month to emotionally recover after participating in the show.

Khilkevich called this show the most significant experience for herself. “I have always said and will continue to say that participation in a reality show is like psychotherapy. There you can find and discover new sides of yourself, learn and heal something inside yourself, and I wish everyone to experience it for themselves,” the actress summed up.

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