Ani Lorak went to Dubai with her new chosen one

After the news about the wedding of her ex-husband, Ani Lorak posted romantic photos with her new lover online.

Ani Lorak went to Dubai with her new chosen one

Ani Lorak went to Dubai with her new chosen one

Ani Lorak opened up to her subscribers, saying that she finally feels happy in her personal life. Now the singer is resting with the winner of the competition “Mr. Spain-2002” In Dubai. At the same time, the artist does not forget to please her fans with new pictures. Lorak recently published romantic photos taken in the desert.

One of them shows the star posing in the middle of the desert, covering her eyes with dark glasses. And in another frame, the pop diva sits on the sand in the arms of her lover. “And after all. He just hugged me…», Ani Lorak wrote under the publication.

Some netizens believe that the pop star thus responded to the news of her ex-husband's wedding. Recall that in early June, Turkish businessman Murat Nalchagioglu married makeup artist Lilia Reus, who is 19 years younger than him.

However, Ani Lorak's fans protect her from attacks. “Wow, as soon as the ex got married, she immediately exposes her new one,” “This is an answer to the ex-husband’s wedding,” “What kind of answer? Everyone builds their own life. In addition, they have a normal relationship,” users say.

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