American tourist convicted of kissing Little Mermaid sculpture

An American tourist climbed onto a Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen and kissed it.

An American tourist was convicted of kissing a Little Mermaid sculpture

American tourist convicted of kissing Little Mermaid sculpture

19-year-old Dylan Trinkler witnessed An American tourist cuddled up to the iconic Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen, despite signs saying it was forbidden to climb on it.

Bizarre video footage filmed on Saturday shows a woman sitting on the statue's base rubbing herself against it. face.

There are signs around the sculpture prohibiting touching the monument, and Dylan says that all the people who became spectators of this action against their will were extremely dissatisfied with the woman’s behavior.

He said: “ ;There were about 100 people there, and everyone watched what was happening in complete bewilderment. The Danes said: “This is Danish heritage” and “This is a work of art.”

According to Dylan, many people booed and yelled at the woman to get out. Then the American woman began to pretend to kiss the sculpture, this caused even more indignation from the crowd.

People asked why she was doing this, they said that it was disrespectful, but she simply laughed at their words.

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