Alsou remembers his youth in London

The singer attended the concert and shared her impressions.

Alsu remembers his youth in London

Alsu recalls his youth in London

Alsu recently left Russia and arrived in the UK. In London, she met her middle brother Marat Safin and his wife Yulia. Julia – a successful designer who regularly created outfits for Alsou for various events.

Visiting a large-scale concert by The Weeknd at Wembley Stadium was the reason for Alsou to come to the British capital.

For the concert, Alsou chose a stylish and a bright outfit with discreet elements. She wore wide leg jeans with slits at the hips, a black top with a cutout at the chest and a jacket in a matching style.

The singer shared pictures taken at the stadium on her personal blog. In the photos, Alsou looks happy, cheerful and relaxed. She actively dances to the music of a foreign artist.

She also spoke about her emotions from the stunning show, and the good company that her family and friends made up for her. She did not forget to mention the London rainy weather, which became such after the concert, but even this did not spoil the singer's mood.

It is worth noting that Alsou has a lot of memories from his youth associated with London. Since 1995, she has lived in the UK with her family and attended MPW College, studying business fundamentals, math and art. She also has her own apartment in London

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