Along the Kremlin walls and towers

The Moscow Kremlin Museums launch new tours of the Alexander Garden.

Along the Kremlin walls and towers

Along the Kremlin walls and towers

The Moscow Kremlin Museums are launching tours of the Alexander Garden called “Along the Kremlin Walls and Towers. The history of the fortifications and surroundings of the Moscow Kremlin,” the MMK press service reports.

As part of the excursions, participants will go on an exciting walk for an hour and a half along the Kremlin walls and towers, along the Alexander Garden, to learn the history of the Moscow Kremlin, its fortifications and the surrounding area, as well as get acquainted with the monuments located nearby, and visit the Kremlin necropolis and the memorial of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Olga Dmitrieva, Deputy General Director for the Development of Educational Activities and Popularization of the Museum, notes that The Moscow Kremlin Museums are not only the Armory and cathedrals. In connection with the new realities, the Kremlin guides are expanding their work and launching excursions around the surrounding area, including the Alexander Garden and the Kremlin Embankment.

Such excursions provide an opportunity for visitors to the Moscow Kremlin Museums to see the Kremlin from the other side, to gain new knowledge about fortifications and towers of the Moscow Kremlin, as well as to discover new places in the main fortress of the capital.

Excursions will be held daily.

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