All beaches in Sochi are closed

Due to the risk of tornado formation, all Sochi beaches remain closed.

All Sochi beaches are closed

All Sochi beaches are closed

Monitoring groups, together with state inspectors for small boats, control the situation on the coast of Sochi. Due to the ongoing precipitation and the threat of tornadoes over the sea, all beaches in Sochi remain closed. Red flags are hung out, lifeguards do not allow people to enter the water.

Monitoring groups walk along the beaches of inner city areas, check the presence of information stands about the ban on swimming and the absence of people.

As of the moment , no serious damage to the beach infrastructure was recorded. While the beaches are closed, work is being done to collect and remove garbage that was washed away by the storm.

The main task in such bad weather is to ensure the complete safety of residents and tourists. Areas of the city are busy providing security on unsecured beaches where there are no lifeguards and the necessary infrastructure, and where swimming is prohibited. The heads of district administrations, together with the employees of the national park, control the situation in picnic areas near the rivers in order to prevent people from falling there during bad weather.

Forecasters predict that precipitation in the city will stop by 20:00 Moscow time Tuesday. By Saturday, the resort is expected to warm up to 31 degrees, and the sea water temperature will rise above 24 degrees.

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