Alexey Panin ended up in an Estonian prison

The actor called on a familiar night and begged to be picked up from the police station.

Alexey Panin ended up in an Estonian prison

Alexey Panin ended up in an Estonian prison

Actor Alexei Panin, against whom a criminal case has been initiated in Russia for publicly justifying terrorism, was detained by police in Tallinn, Delfi reports, citing a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to the source, on the night of September 5, Panin began to beat on the doors of strangers, mistakenly believing that he was in a hotel, and crushed the dishes.

“At 2:45 am I was awakened by a call. I picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice asking for help. “Help, pick me up” he said. I immediately realized that something was wrong, because it was already night, ”said Delfi’s interlocutor.

According to her, then instead of Panin, a policeman turned to her and informed her about the arrest of the actor. It turned out that he was at the police station on Pinna Street and asked to be taken away.

“Of course, I refused, because it was too late. I was also informed that he would be taken to an administrative detention center. I checked the time on my phone and saw that the last time he was online at 5 am, Aleksey warned of problems with charging,” the woman explained.

A video of Panin’s detention is also circulating in the Estonian media and social networks. The footage shows how the actor, with his hands in handcuffs, walks with a policeman who supports him by the elbow. Nearby is another policeman with a suitcase full of things, probably belonging to Panin. The video ends as the actor is led to the official vehicle.

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