Alanya in November: the last chapter of the high season

On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, there is a small but popular resort – Alanya. The city is part of the Turkish Riviera. The local climate, affordable prices, beaches marked with the “Blue Flag” make Alanya almost an ideal place to relax.

Guests of the resort will find here entertainment for every taste and at any cost. Whether you like outdoor activities, noisy night parties or prefer beach relaxation, – the resort will fully satisfy any of your wishes.

Tourists come to Alanya all year round. In November, you can still see bathers on the beach, and city attractions are still actively accepting sightseers. For more information about what awaits tourists in Alanya in November, read this Kid Passage article.

Alanya in November: the last chapter of the high season

Holidays in Alanya in November: pros and cons

The high tourist season in Turkey lasts from April to October, and at the end of autumn, an unusual calm sets in for Alanya. However, there are many people who like such a calm autumn Alanya. Reviews of holidays in Alanya in November are filled with good impressions and pleasant memories.

To fall in love with Turkey in November, there are many reasons, and here are just a few of them:

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  • A small number of people. Schoolchildren and students regularly gnaw at the granite of science, and their parents, who have spent their summer vacations, spend rainy autumn days in the office. In Alanya, during this period, there are very few people.
  • The cost of rest. As befits any resort during the low season, the cost of staying at the resort is significantly reduced.
  • Good weather. The stupefying summer heat is a thing of the past. Most of November is occupied by warm sunny days.
  • Seasonal fruits. In November, visitors to Turkish markets simply run up their eyes from the richest assortment of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, bananas, tangerines and oranges are sold here at such ridiculous prices that it’s hard to resist buying.
  • As for the disadvantages, November Alanya has not so many of them a lot of. First of all, it should be noted that at the end of autumn, many tourist locations and hotels are closed until April – May. In addition, there is practically no entertainment on local beaches, the nightlife of the city freezes. 

    Alanya in November will also definitely disappoint those tourists who relied on a beach holiday. At the end of autumn, the Mediterranean Sea begins to cool down, and if in the first days of November there is still an opportunity to swim in the refreshing waves for a short time, then the closer to the end of the month, the more rapidly the chances of swimming disappear. 

    The weather in Alanya in November

    The weather in Alanya in November – December resembles a mild off-season in our latitudes. During this period, it sometimes rains – a phenomenon uncharacteristic of the summer season at the resort. Even at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, sunny days prevail here.

    The weather in early November still corresponds to the characteristics of the velvet season. In the first days of the month, a beach holiday is fully available, the sea has not yet cooled down. Those who want to have time to swim should choose this period for relaxation.

    The temperature in Alanya in mid-November remains pleasant during the day: warm and sunny, but at night the thermometer drops and becomes noticeably cooler. For evening walks, you should take sweaters with you, and for sleep – warm pajamas.

    The weather in Alanya at the end of November remains favorable for sightseeing holidays, but beach relaxation is no longer available. During this period, short rains are possible.

    Air and water temperatures

    Alanya's Mediterranean subtropical climate brings hot, dry summers and warm, but rainy winters to the region. The off-season at the resort is mild, without pronounced features. In Alanya, there is an increased level of humidity all year round, autumn – no exception.

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    Air temperature in Alanya in November

    The average daily temperature of +21.5 °C allows tourists to walk in light clothes and do without windbreakers. But in the evening, a warm jacket will become a necessity – the mercury column drops to +18.8 °C.

    Sea temperature

    The beach season in Alanya at the end of autumn is no longer available. The sea cools down, and only the most hardened guests of the resort risk swimming in it. Taking a dip for small children is out of the question. The average water temperature is +22.8 °C. The closer to the end of the month, the lower this indicator becomes.


    Alanya cannot be called a rainy place, but still autumn is on the calendar, and this This means that bad weather can catch vacationers at any time. For the entire month, the resort receives about 53 mm of precipitation. Rainy weather takes 3 days in total.

    Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

    Most of the month is occupied by sunny days (23 days, or 74% of the time of the entire month). Cloudy days account for 16%, and cloudy weather remains only 10%.

    Beach holidays in Alanya

    The peak of the beach season in Turkey falls on the summer months and the velvet season. However, due to the territorial location of Alanya (this is the southernmost resort in the country), the heat remains here until mid-November. At the beginning of the month, the local beaches are not crowded. The number of vacationers, of course, is incomparable with the high season, but there are still bathers.

    However, even if you are not among those tourists who prefer invigorating water temperatures and are ready to take a dip even at +20 °C, you should still not refuse to visit local beaches. Sea air is useful at any time of the year, and the contemplation of the lamb-shaped waves, now and then rolling on the sandy coast, is a special kind of relaxation. Therefore, take a cup of hot Turkish coffee, an interesting book and a camera and go for a walk along the beaches of Alanya.

    Local beaches are characterized by excellent infrastructure, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay. It should be borne in mind that toilets, as a rule, are paid. In addition, the cost of food and drinks in coastal cafes is about twice as high as in other catering establishments in Alanya.

    The most popular beach in Alanya is Cleopatra, but this place is not very suitable for families. The problem is a sharp descent when entering the water, which can be unsafe for kids. It is better for tourists with children to choose Damlatash for recreation. By the way, next to this beach there is also a local attraction – cave of the same name. Damlatash has a playground, which is an additional plus for parents. Entrance here is free.

    Injekum Beach, located 25 km from Alanya, is also perfect for a family vacation.

    The name Incekum comes from the phrase “fine sand”, the coast – just a godsend for lovers of sand architecture. Do not forget to take the kid “construction” accessories: scoop, bucket and spatula. Admission is free, but there is a charge for sunbed rental.

    If tourists want to visit some unusual beach, then Ulash, located 5 km west of the city, fully corresponds to this characteristic. The peculiarity of this place is that the cabanas are carved right into the rock. Ulash is also notable for its dilapidated fortress, which is of interest to vacationers.

    Sightseeing holidays in Alanya

    November, without exaggeration, can be called the most suitable month for sightseeing holidays. There are not so many tourists in the city anymore, the weather is ideal for long walks and sightseeing in the open air, and the prices for excursions and entertainment are much lower than they were just a couple of months ago.

    However, it is worth noting that November is still considered off-season, so the tourist infrastructure partially stops working for this period. Before visiting a particular location, you need to check the work schedule in advance. 

    Alanya Caves

    Alanya in November: the last chapter of the high season

    In early November, when the sun is still pampering tourists and locals with warm rays, you can devote time to walks in the open air. For example, to explore the caves of Alanya.

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    Thanks to the local mountain landscape, tourists can enjoy the amazing natural beauty of this region: rocks, grottoes, salt caves, stalactites.

    Thus, one of the most popular is Dim Cave, which was discovered near 30 years ago. The luminous phosphorus cave attracts with an unusual natural phenomenon – luminescence. Inside the cave, vacationers are greeted by a pleasant soft glow. Lovers' Cave (Ashiklar) shrouded in romantic legends, which the guide willingly shares with sightseers. On the Chilarda-Burnu peninsula, you will find the Pirates' Cave, where they supposedly kept their treasures. It can only be reached by sea.

    Kyzyl Kule Tower

    Alanya in November: the last chapter of the high season

    The main city attraction is the Kyzyl Kule tower, or the Red Tower. The watchtower was erected to protect the city, and for many centuries the building regularly performed this task. At the top there is an observation deck with a breathtaking panorama. To get to the site, you need to overcome 85 steps.

    If the weather is rainy at the end of November, tourists can take shelter from the weather in the ethnographic museum located on the ground floor of Kyzyl Kule. In front of the tower is a square with a monument to Kemal Ataturk.

    • Red Tower in Alanya: author's description, photo and opening hours

    Old Town

    You should definitely visit the old part of the city. Ancient stone walls and stairs, paved roads, observation decks overlooking the mountains – all this is buried in a variety of colors. Tourists who are looking for interesting photo zones cannot find a better place than the Old Town. There is also another local historical landmark – fortress of Alanya.

    • Things to do with children in Alanya

    Holidays, events, festivals

    Tourists will find only one official holiday in Alanya in November – Ataturk Memorial Daywhich is celebrated annually on November 10th. On this day in 1938, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first president and founder of the Republic of Turkey, died. At the exact time of his death, 9:05 a.m., every year a moment of silence is declared in Turkey, public transport stops working and even planes postpone departures. It is worth considering that entertainment centers and sightseeing locations are closed on Ataturk Memorial Day.

    Rest prices in November

    End of autumn – Pretty good time for vacation. Prices in Alanya in November are much lower than in the high season. Availability of rest – another plus in favor of the November trip to Turkey.

    Price of tours

    In the low season, the cost of tours practically does not change from month to month, only slight fluctuations in one direction or another are possible. In November, prices for tours to Turkey increase by 8%. In December, there is a slight decrease in the cost, and tourists already pay 2% less compared to the November price tag.

    Flight price

    In October and November, the cost of the flight is almost the same, the difference is less than 1 %. In the first half of December, ticket prices remain unchanged, but on the eve of Christmas and New Year, the cost increases by 30%.

    The city does not have its own airport, so most often tourists fly to Antalya, which is located 140 km from Alanya. There is another airport in the town of Gazipasa (45 km). Tickets to Antalya are cheaper, but tourists have to pay extra for a bus to Alanya.


    The price tag for accommodation in November is naturally lower than in the high and even velvet season. This is another reason to come to Alanya at the end of the month – resort guests can expect significant savings on accommodation. In December, the cost rises slightly, as demand grows – people come to the Turkish Riviera to celebrate the New Year holidays on the coast.

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    Hotel prices vary depending not only on the number of stars, but also on the location. The closer to the sea, the more expensive. In Alanya, there are many hotels focused specifically on family holidays. The guests are offered high chairs, beds, a special menu.

    • Alanya Family Hotels Collection

    Food and Transfer

    Tourists have no problems with food – There are many different establishments where you can eat hearty and tasty. Lunch in a middle-class restaurant costs about 50-70 liras, while in a restaurant the amount in the check can reach 200+ liras. Fast food lovers will be pleased with the presence of McDonald's and Burger King, as well as local “fast” restaurants. street food (shawarma, pide, doner kebab, kokorech, etc.).

    • Food in Alanya: how to organize it and how much it will cost

    Public transport is well developed in Alanya, city guests and local residents travel by buses and dolmush. The fare is from 2.5 to 5 lire. Tickets are bought from the driver at the entrance. Passengers save on travel by purchasing a Kentkart e-ticket, with which one trip costs 2 liras.

    For convenience, you can use a taxi. The advantage of local taxis is that all cars are equipped with meters and belong to official agencies (private transportation is prohibited in the city). A city trip costs about 50 lira, at night the price tag doubles.

    Bicycle rental is also available in Alanya. The cost of the first hour is 0.25 lira, each subsequent – 2 lire. Maximum price – 10 lire per day. In addition, a deposit of 150 lira is required.

    How to dress in Alanya

    The choice of wardrobe for a trip to Alanya largely depends on the time of the month for which the trip is planned. So, in the first half of November, it is quite possible to do without warm clothes at the resort, but at the end of November, it is jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts that prevail.

    An approximate set of things for a November holiday in Turkey is as follows:

    • t-shirts;
    • jeans;
    • sweatshirt/windbreaker;
    • turtleneck;
    • swimsuit (even if the sea will be cold, a swimsuit will come in handy for visiting a heated pool, sauna or Turkish bath);
    • sneakers;
    • city shoes (shoes, sandals);
    • slippers;
    • warm pajamas.

    For babies, it is recommended to take light hats and socks.

    Recommendations for holidays with children

    November can be called a good time for a family vacation, but it is better to choose the first half of the month for a trip. In early November, tourists can even catch the beach season. In addition, at this time, the probability of rain and bad weather is lower than in the last days of the month.

    • Vacation with children in Alanya: Kidpassage guide

    Favorable climate, family-oriented hotels, fresh healthy air, affordable delicious fruits – what else do you need to make your vacation with children a success?

    Kidpassage article “Turkey in November: the charm of empty resorts” will help you to carefully prepare for your vacation. Our portal wishes you a pleasant stay and assures you that with the right attitude and preparation, a vacation can be unforgettable in any country

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