Airport in Germany want to rename in honor of the Fuhrer

He is considered the most outstanding citizen

They want to rename the airport in Germany in honor of the Fuhrer

They want to rename the airport in Germany in honor of the Fuhrer

A petition has appeared on the website of the administration of the city of Leipzig in eastern Germany demanding that the local Leipzig Airport be renamed/Halle in honor of the local priest Christian Fuhrer.

For many years he was rector of the famous Lutheran Church of St. Nicholas in the city center. Here Martin Luther preached and played the organ of J.S. Bach. In 1989, the church became the center of peaceful resistance to the communist regime of the GDR.

It was during these years that Christian Fuhrer was the pastor of the church. He died in 2014 at the age of 71. The authors of the petition consider him the most prominent citizen.

According to the German media, there have already been proposals in Saxony to rename the local airport in honor of the politician Hans-Dietrich Genscher (a native of Halle) or in honor of the African philosopher Anton Wilhelm Hamo, who studied in Galle. Both initiatives have so far failed.

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