Agatha Muceniece was not allowed on the plane

The actress shared on her social media that she was not allowed to board the plane.

Agata Muceniece was not allowed on the plane

Agata Muceniece was not allowed on the plane

According to her, she was unable to get her seat on board. “I couldn't fly. Today I was in Sheremetyevo, returned home, then again went to Sheremetyevo and now I am heading home. They explained that they changed the plane, and there wasn’t enough space for me, — Muceniece told.

Agatha admitted that this situation made her very angry: “I began to wonder, “Why can’t I fly away?”.

The actress tried to solve the problem, but, as she said, the airport staff “sent her from one window to another.” She later accepted the situation. In addition, Agatha was transferred from economy class to business class, so she will be able to reach her destination with even greater comfort after a while.

The TV star admitted that she feels guilty in front of people for her negative reaction, saying that she was, in fact, “not that kind of person.” However, now the actress will be able to spend more time with the children, which she is undoubtedly happy about.

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