Aeroflot revised its passenger loyalty program

In just one night, prices increased 4 times.

Aeroflot revised its passenger loyalty program

Aeroflot revised its passenger loyalty program

In just one night, the cost of award tickets, which can be redeemed with accumulated points, has increased several times. At the same time, such popular destinations as Istanbul and Bangkok have risen in price the most.

Thus, for a flight from Moscow to Bangkok in business class, you will now have to pay 120,000 accumulated miles, although previously it could be purchased for 60,000 miles. The cost of a flight to Istanbul has increased even more, having increased by 4 times.

Aeroflot emphasized that these are planned changes, since the terms of the loyalty program have not been reviewed for 13 years. That is, flights became much more expensive, and their cost in miles remained the same. For example, a business class flight to Istanbul currently costs 186 thousand rubles, and for miles a ticket could be purchased for 15 thousand miles and 11 thousand rubles.

The change in conditions is due to the airline's struggle with swindlers. About 70% of business class passengers on international routes flew for bonuses bought on the black market, where a mile costs a maximum of 1 rub.

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