Acqua alta. Tourists in Venice change into boots due to flooding

Many guests are happy about the flood, because it gives the city a unique flavor

Acqua alta. Tourists in Venice changed into boots because of the flood

Acqua alta. Tourists in Venice change into boots due to flood

The seasonal rise in water has begun in Venice, known as Acqua alta (High Water).

Flooding in Venice is a regular occurrence. The city can withstand the water rise of 1 meter, but 2 meters or more – no longer. The streets of the old city and the first floors of buildings are under water.

As in other coastal cities, for example, in St. Petersburg, the main cause of floods is not the rise of water in the river (Neva or the Po River), but the sea wind blowing waves towards the land. This is the main factor in the seasonal rise of water in the Venetian lagoon.

Tourists were not at all afraid of the flood. Many, on the contrary, are happy, because. it gives Venice a unique flavor. After this, there will be something to remember and talk about for a long time.

Guests of the city and employees of hotels and restaurants promptly changed their shoes into rubber boots.

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